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Please help me choose my Orruk army for Blood and Glory


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Hi all,

With Blood and Glory on the near horizon its time to choose my army. To cut a long story short I've decided to play Orruks, but havent left myself enough time to test (given how much painting i have to do) and so would like some advise on what to play. I've got pretty much all Orruk models but need to pick my list today to get through all the painting. So below is my current list ideas, any critique would be great.

Army 1 Big Waaagh

  • Prophet (General Master of the Weird, unsure of item)
  • Wardokk
  • Weirdnob (Hand of Gork)
  • Rogue Idol
  • 30 Arrowboys
  • Ardfist (2*10 Ardboyz 3*5 Ardboyz,Warchanter Aetherquartz Brooch)
  • 30 point endless spell (either burning head or Palisade)

Army 2 Ironjawz

  • Mawkrusha (General, unsure of items atm)
  • Weirdnob (Hand of Gork)
  • Warchanter
  • Rogue Idol
  • Ardfist (4*5 Ardboyz Warchanter (Brooch?))
  • 6 Goregruntas

Army 3 Bonesplitters (Drakkfoot)

  • Prophet
  • Maniak weirdnob
  • 2* Wardokk
  • 30 Savage Orruks
  • 30 Savage Orruk Arrowboys
  • 3*5 Savage Boardboy Maniaks
  • Rogue Idol
  • Command Point
  • Burning Head or Palisade

Thanks for any assistance

p.s. i realise i havent written spells for bonesplitters, but i prioritise Brutal beast and Breathe of Gorkamorka


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