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H: Cities of Sigmar (Dwarves) W: $$$ [Loc. - US]


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Hey everyone,

Since Cities of Sigmar has finally dropped, I've decided to try and move some of my Dwarves. I was planning on using these as "counts as" Freeguild for the most part, but I've decided against that in the long run. So...I'm hoping someone out there had the same idea and is looking to add to their Dwarf force (or start a new one!).

I am primarily looking to sell, however I would be willing to trade for empire state troops (crossbow, handguns, halberds, or sword/shield). I STRONGLY prefer the OLDER oop state troops. Just don't like the new models very much. I would take the current sculpts tho, as I'm sure there's more of them out there.


Full list, to the best of my knowledge. Some stuff is definitely from boxed sets (Skull Pass maybe?), but not sure exact proportions:

15 oop metal hammerers
11 warriors with great axe
36 warriors hw/shield
14 quarrelers
28 thunderers
7 warrior/quarreler/thunder generic standards
Warden king
Metal battle standard bearer?
A dozen or so other metal characters/musicians/etc.

(I can probably provide round bases for everything if interested)

Empire State troops (Older oop preferred, new sculpts ok. No Militia or Spearmen)
Possibly Ogor Kingdoms models

However, MOST interested in selling. Honestly no idea how to value this all, as they aren't technically current models/warscrolls, but some might be interested in the, as stand-ins. So, I'm going to start with an asking price of $175. However, very open to offers/negotiations and open to cash/trade combos.

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