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Alternative elf heads for shadow warriors?


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I'm thinking of adding some shadow warriors to my duardin/freeguild army project, but I'm not a big fan of the helmets - remind me a little too much of coneheads...



So I'm looking for alternative heads (in GW scale) that would fit with the shadow walker's helmet-free head - elven, with hair, male or female, and no giant crown (I could live with a sublte crown or hairband sort of thing). Sisters of the watch would work without the big crown thing, but with it makes the unit less WYSIWYG and risks confusion given it's the alternative build for the kit.

Witch Elves; big crown, hard to fit that huge hair. Rest of the infantry elf units, the odd single champion head would probably work, but the rest all have even bigger helmets (corsairs, sisters of the thorn, black guard, phoenix guard etc etc). All the aeldari kits are out because, well, helmets.

Looking at 3rd parties, spellcrow elves are bald, and maxmini elven heads are fine apart from the expressions which look they're got *really* painful constipation.

Most generic fantasy elves aren't heroic scale.

Closest I've got so far are wyches - which would fit physically, but look like, well, homicidal bloodthirsty warriors (as opposed to sneaky ranger/assassins). Or wildwood rangers, which again, risks confusion, and I'm not sure the hoods would fit with the neck-cloak thing.

I could even live with thinner faced human heads, if I can cover up the ears.

I've just spent all day looking, and simple elven heads that don't have some honking helmet or spiky things just don't seem to exist - or at least, not where I'm looking!

Any ideas? Please?




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