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Depraved Drove painting blog & narrative


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After picking up some of my brothers old beastie boys I decided to build up a Depraved Drove list since I love the new Keeper but can't stand daemonettes, and I can easily switch to a beast list with an allied Keeper if I'm up against a soft list. Im gonna try to get 2000pt painted before Christmas but we'll see how it goes. Generally writing this blog to get motivated to paint and get some feedback on things. Here is the first draft of the background story:

Zhangax sighed as another chaos champion crossed his herds path. Their exposure to whatever menacing madness lurked in this place had mutated them into unholy abnormalities. Tentacles, giant claws and twisted faces made them hard to look at, harder still to look away. The band of cultists thought their beliefs made them indestructible, something Zhangax had seen many times before. With a unanimous roar the herd charged the staggered challengers, stunning them in disbelief as their mortality was clarified by heavy steel.

Why devote yourself to a single god when you can worship chaos itself, Zhangax mumbled to himself as he cleaned the blood of his horns. He ordered the herd to erect a herdstone and sacrifice the bodies, too mutated for consumption, to the sacred fire. As the champion was thrown into the fire the flames turned black. Zhangax stared into the tenebrous flames, his curiosity carelessly pushing thoughts of wariness out of his mind. He expected the sinister fire to scream and rage, a last battle cry from whatever god the champion had worshipped. To his surprise the fire began to whisper. Just another forgotten god echoing its tired message of submission and obedience, he scoffed. 

The feast went on, the night came and the fire died. But the whispers stayed. Over the ensuing months the gentle voice returned to Zhangax every night to test his resilience and determination. This was the true test of the chaos wastelands. A blade can be parried, a blow can be absorbed, but insanity is unrelenting. Madness will find chinks in the toughest of armors, the most resolute of minds. Gradually the voice worked its magic.

At first it whispered of power, but Zhangax did not listen. Then it whispered of glory and prestige, but Zhangax did not listen. Next it whispered of gold, riches and magical trinkets, but Zhangax did not listen.

Finally it whispered of freedom, and at last the trap was sprung. Mesmerized by the promises of a world returning to true chaos, rid of aberrations like order and structure, he gave into the voice and listened, chaining himself to servitude when all he ever wanted was to be free. From then on, the voice led the warherd east, in search hidden secrets. Zhangax found a new sense of freedom in servitude; freed from the burdens of leadership and responsibilities and imbued with demonic powers he gathered his herd and listened to the voice. To the east, it whispered. Always to the east.

I will probably fiddle with it a little but this is the general direction I'm going with it. Im currently working on the first 20 bestigors, then looking to pick up a Start collecting to get the full 30 man unit and take it from there. Comments and criticism much appreciated! Also english isnt my first language so feel free to correct any errors in the narrative.




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