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AOS Death allegiance question



I have the flesh eater courts starter set, and I really like the skeleton army and vampires. Are they all able to be mixed together because they're all under Death? Or would you have to start different armies and alternate between them to be able to play with all of them? 

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Flesh-Eaters are their own allegiance, skeletons and vampires are part of Legions of Nagash book and can be taken under 4 different allegiances. You can ally those units between allegiances (though FEC can't ally vampires). And you can field them as a single army under Grand Alliance Death allegiance.

But keep in mind that Allies are restricted by points you can spend on them and ratio at which you can include allied units (1/4 allied/all), they usually don't bring any sinergy with units from other allegiances and GA Death allegiance is rather unimpressive compared to FEC/LoN

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