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At the end of the move and finishes a move. What comes first. Purple Sun and Spellportal.



Hi. First time posting here :) Im looking for an answer for my question regarding an interaction between Purple Sun (or even any Endless Spell) and Umbrella Spell Portal. Most of the endless spell trigger "at the end of it move". Umbrella Spell Portal can "transport" an Endless Spell when it finishes a move. My question is: Do both effects take place at the same time, or does any happens before the other?

For example. I move a Purple Sun within a range of Umbrella, what would happen? 

First Scenario (if at the end happen before "finishes a move"): I have to use End Given Form, then I can "teleport" it via Portal. 

Second Scenario (if both happen at the same time, and I'm the Player whos turn is playing): Cuz both are happening at the same time, I first choose to teleport the spell and then use "End Given Form". 


Could you please answer for this bothering me question (and explain if possible)? Than you.

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