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nighthaunt list and how to close it out

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hi all, im doing a 2000pt tournament in Dec and would like some thoughts on how to round out my haunt list.  I've been having some good success with this against KO, Stormcast, fyreslayers and maggotkin so far but not sure if it will stackup against high tiers.


KoS on steed - general with ruler of spirit hosts and headman judgement

spirit torment

cairn wraith

GoS - midnight tome soul cage

GoS - shademist

Vampire lord - ally


20x chainrasp

20x chainrasp

6x spirit host

5x hexwraith

10x reapers


1x black coach


battalion - chainguard

1960 points.


do I add in vault of souls / shyish reaper / gravetide Endless spells, or just 1 endless spell and aim for a triumph


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