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Tronhammer NZ

Tronhammer: AOS Ladder 2016

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Tronhammer AOS Ladder 13.08.16.JPG


This is a ladder campaign for local gamers or anyone taking part in games around Hamilton. Our regular gaming days are Monday Nights at the Hamilton Immortals Club, and the third Saturday of the month at Gaming DNA.


What Counts?

  • Any game type.
  • Any game size.
  • Any Battleplan.
  • Any army list.
  • Can be a game that is part of a separate event or tournament.
  • Both you and your opponent must agree that the game counts towards the ladder.

Joining the Ladder

The first player to join the ladder is ranked 'one', the second player to join is ranked 'two' and so on. As new players join the ladder, their name is added to the end of the list and they take the next number.

Playing a Game

To play a ladder game, all you need to do is find a willing opponent from the ladder and arrange to fight a battle!

Climbing the Ladder

  • If the winner of a battle is lower of the two players on the ladder, they swap places with their opponent.
  • If the winner is higher up the ladder than their opponent, they swap places with the player that is directly above them on the ladder.
  • In the case of a tie, the players remain in their current positions.
  • Anyone who doesn't play a game for a month drops to the bottom of the ladder, falling below any players who have played games in the last month.

End Game

The ladder will continue throughout 2016. During November there will be knockout playoffs for the top four players in the ladder. Details will be announced closer to the time.

How Can I Arrange A Game?

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