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Events/Tournament venues in wellington


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Hi Team,


I'm looking to build a list of venues where we can hold 1 or 2 day events/tournaments in the greater Wellington region. My hope is that when people want to run a tournament or gaming event they can easily find one. I'm new on the scene and most people just say try a community hall or a school but never specify ones that have been used in the past. 


What i want to know is, do any of you have a relationships with a venue? Are you a teacher at a school? Do you belong to a church? Are you apart of a community group that has a hall for hire? Do you have a gaming group/club that meet somewhere that could host 20 or so players? Have you previously run events and found a good venue that you would recommend?     


I'm currently looking for a venue for a possible event happening late October or early November. Not sure if this will go ahead as it's rather last minute with most of the venues i have contacted already been booked. I'm also looking into if we can find a venue for a 2 day tournament in April next year.  

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