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A basic primer to objectives.

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So, when the PC version of WU was announced, a friend of mine commented I should do some series of posts/stuff to help newcomers because I played quite a lot (without desire to sound like a braggard, I began the community when the game launched, been trying to be as active as possible since then)

And... things spiraled a bit out of control in terms of scale. I think audio is improvable but I want to share this video that will hopefully serve as anintroductory primer on the matter of objective deckbuilding.

For the sake of decency, the core of the recommendations (devoid of the tirade of reasoning and examples and all that jazz) are as follows:

1) Seek inmediately scoring cards but
2) Strike a balance in objectives.
3) Minimize opponent intereaction or make his interaction serve you.
4) Seek cards that complement each other.
5) Avoid abusing late game cards.
6) Avoid trap cards.

Hope it's useful to anyone here.

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