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Events Australia: Ardfists (Vic, AU)


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Event Title: Ardfists (Vic, AU)
Event Author: Sven13
Calendar: Events Australia
Event Date: 11/19/2016 12:00 AM


Date: Saturday 19th of November 2016

Location: The House of War - 52 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood, Victoria

Tournament Organizer: Josh Sven - josh.sven@ymail.com

Tournament Format: 

Games: 4 

Rules: General's Handbook - Pitched Battles + FAQ.

Game Types: Vanguard (1000 Points) using Battleplans from the General's Handbook with modified scoring. 

Game Length: Up to 1 1/2 Hours

• Each army must be made up of a single Grand Alliance, Order, Chaos, Death or Destruction. 
- Yes Battletomes are allowed.
- Yes Battalions are allowed

• Each army must be built as described in the pitched battle rules in the General's Handbook. 

• "Legacy" armies are allowed.
- Yes they will be allowed to use their allegiances abilities, command traits & artifacts of power. 
- Must also have the Warscolls available for you, your opponent or T.O. to view on request.   

• Command traits will be rolled for.

• Measuring will be base to base. 
- no they don't have to be on rounds. 

• Your army must be painted to a three color minimum. 


1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place 
Best Painted


Cost: $25

Payment Due: 20th October

Payment Details:

Account name: J.S.Melton
Bsb: 063 587
Acc no: 1052 3179

-Don't forget to include your name in the reference for verification. 
-All proceeds go directly to the prize pool.

Battleplans & More details to come.

Ardfists (Vic, AU)

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Date booked off work, this should hopefully be my first tournament :) Hoping I'll be able to get down to a couple of Saturday gatherings once the rest of my army arrives and I get a bit more painted up as well, just have to figure something out with work - I think I'm due the odd Saturday off here and there though! :D 

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People of the Realms, the weeks are counting down!

I'm gonna start calling for payments over the coming weeks, preferably I'd like to get as many payments as I can by the 20th so I can start organizing prizes. %100 of all the entry fees go into the prize pool! 

Who will be da 'ardest in da realm!? 


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