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Hello! New Player


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Greetings everyone!

I am a new player to Age of Sigmar. I actually started buying into the game when it first came out and bought loads of death stuff prior to the summoning changes. I shelved them because they felt incredibly terrible to play under the old rules and no matter how cool a model looks, if I feel like I can't win with it, I won't play it. Death remains shelved for me even though Legions of Nagash came and made it way better. I just want to wait for the next General's Handbook to come out so I can see if anything happens with Grimghasts in Legions armies. Don't own any right now and don't want to buy them because I don't like spooks as much as I like skeletons, but if nothing changes with them I will reluctantly invest since they are good. I hate spooks so much that instead of playing worse death lists and losing the mirror to ones with grimghasts, that I instead invested in Disciples of Tzeentch and that is my first actual army in AoS 2.0.

I like to try and build different and cool lists, but will always revert to good and boring if the cool and unique thing is not good enough to win. The ideal spot is to have a cool army that is good, but if I can only pick one of the two elements, good beats cool for me every time.

Looking forward to seeing everyone around the forums!

Mike  from Colorado

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