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CanCon 2019 Results!


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AoS Shorts posted the results of the massive CanCon 2019 AoS tournament. https://aosshorts.com/cancon-2019-results-and-awards/

Some take aways: Blades of Khorne in First! The highest a Daughters of Khaine list placed was 7th! A Kharadron Overlords player won some games! Grand Host of Nagash did well! (okay I don't think that's very surprising).

I'm honestly surprised by the placings and looking forward to diving more into it. As someone who just started a Blades of Khorne army I'm happy to see my little murders can still tango with the top lists even if it was a Gore Pilgrims list. The aforementioned KO player going 5/6 was pretty interesting too. I may have to start painting those arkonauts I've got stashed in my closet.

Thought I'd get a discussion thread going on it. What did you guys find to be the biggest surprise?

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