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It's About Damn Time


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*hand on shoulder*


I live in Scotland.  Other hobbies include collecting Lego, sixthscale figures (and the odd figma or revoltech), and playing various board card and video games.

Can classify myself less as a returning player and more of a long time lurker. Played Fantasy, 40k, Inquisitor and Mordheim (#mordheim2019) until about 2009, when I took a break, and since the launch of AoS I've been buying White Dwarf, buying models, building lists, not quite building or painting models, and certainly not playing any games. 

Having not been to Warhammer World since it's refurbishment, I decided to kill two grots with one squig and buy a ticket to the AoS Throne of Skulls event at the end of March. So I've set myself the challenge of building and painting an army before then. Wish me luck 😂

Armies I have (unbuilt, unpainted, unbroken) are Imperial Knight/Mechanicus and Genestealer Cult for 40K with a counts as Orks mutant army in the works. For AoS I have half a Bloodbound army, half a Kharadron Overlords army and the potential for a Stormcast/Freeguild Hammerhal army if I wasn't planning on using most of the Freeguild models for my Imperial Knights. 

I'm a huge fan of Inq28 and Dark Age of Sigmar (kitbashing is the best), and have a lot of small warbands in the works for both. Killteam, Necromunda and AoS Skirmish are all systems I've been looking into for that, though I know there are homebrew ones out there. 

And that's all folks, I'll likely be asking lots of questions, and if anyone's going to Throne of Skulls I'll hopefully see you there :)

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