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Need some advice on starting Chaos.


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So long story short I was gifted the following 3 boxed games.

1. original age of sigmar big box release with khorne and stormcast.

2. Silver tower big box

3. Shadow over hammerhall big box 

there is so much stuff in these boxes I don't know where to begin.  It breaks down to roughly.

3 khorne heroes, 5 blood warriors, 30 blood reavers, korgorath

2 tzeentch heroes, 18 arcanites, 6 tzangors, a few horrors and some familiars.

5 blight kings. Sorcerer lord

could I combine all that into an army or concentrate on the khorne bits?

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I'd focus on the Khorne as long as you're going to enjoy their playstyle. They have the most stuff floating around and it will be easy to add to your starting point.

Do you already play AOS? What points value are you expecting to play at?

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