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Newbie to Warhammer!


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Hello guys !


I have been fascinated to Warhammer/Modelism figures since i first saw the mega-display of Middle Earth my cousins had built  years ago .
I have never tried it though and i have never painted or built any figure myself.

Since some time i have been walking past some GW stores and now i ended up on here and on some spanish forums.

Mainly , i like how the figures look like and painting them would be great ! I would like to play it aswell but i dont have any friends who are into this stuff , can it be played by yourself?


A part from that i really like the idea of building and painting them , most surely they will end up somewhere in my room as figures :)

I think its worth to give it a try ! What do you think? I would also like to know how was your experience when you entered this world?

What advices could you give me ? 


I have been interested on this set as it contains many figures which i find really cool and a starting tools-painting equipment.




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Welcome! Modeling and painting is great fun, and don't be afraid to play solo (just start small with a couple warbands). Walk from one side of the table, find good moves, then go to the other side and try to find a good counter move. You can't outsmart yourself of course, but you'll learn the rules and then you can teach a friend.

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