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H: Beastclaw and Ogors W: Stormcast


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Hey all!

I’m considering parting with a large destruction army. I’m a little reluctant to let these go, but if I get good cash offers or SCE trades I’ll take em. 

From memory. Low estimates based on what I know I have. Mix between updated AoS circle bases and WHFB squares. I’ll sell the BCR and regular Ogors separate but will give a bigger discount if you take both lots.

Beastclaw Raiders - $290 shipped in lower 48:
2 Stonehorn (built, 1 Frostlord, other rider(s) not attached) 
1 Thundertusk (built, I think no rider attached) 
1 Stonehorn/Thundertusk kits (NoS) 
4-6 Mournfangs, mostly built, mixed weapons
4 Frost Sabres 
2 Icebrow Hunters 
3 Yhetees 

Gutbusters (Ogre Kingdoms) - $180 shipped in lower 48:
12 Ogors 
9 Ironguts 
12 Leadbelchers 

Take both lots for $430 shipped to lower 48. 

I'm looking for mostly anything Stormcast wise, but don't need a ton of Sacrosanct stuff (unless you have sword Sequitors). If some is part of a lot that's fine. Most interested in what's below:

Celestant on Dracoth and/or Stardrake
Gavriel Sureheart
Arcanum on foot
Liberators (still need maybe 10-20 more)
Sequitors (swords + greatmaces only)
Dracoth - Fulminators, Concussors ** BIG PRIORITY
Judicators (crossbow preferred but I'll entertain all) ** BIG PRIORITY
Gryph hounds
ANY Vanguard, Hunters, Raptors, Palladors, Aquilor

Thanks for looking! PM me with what you have!

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