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Dice Dojo Age of Sigmar Path to Glory (Chicago, Illinois)

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Welcome to Dice Dojo's Path to glory campaign. If your starting out in AOS or if your a returning veteran, this slow grow campaign will allow all of us to get into the moral realms and duke it out for glory!

Age of Sigmars official day will be shared with Warhammer 40,000's day of Wednesday after 5:00 PM, however don't be afraid to play games outside our night at any location that your comfortable with. Just make sure you log your games with the game master.

We strongly recommend getting the Age of Sigmar main rule book, the battletome for your selected army, for Path to glory the General's handbook isn't required but is recommended.

Our Path to Glory campign will last for 3 months with new scenarios and missions each week.

The first couple of weeks will focus on learning Age of Sigmar in basic open play scenerios with just the bare rules, but as the campaign grows and peoples collections increase, more rules, scenarios and and fun will be added.

Another focus that this campaign will be the hobby aspect. I (Tyler LaRiviere) will personally invest into an interesting and worthwhile prize for the winner of the hobby.

Link to the event can be found here.

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