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Lost in the Warp


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Rage quit Warhammer Fantasty about a year before End Times, and thanks to catching the recent promo for Wrath and Revel, I've found myself inexorably drawn into the grip of Age of Sigmar and the Hosts of Slaanesh. I used to run Beasts of Chaos, so the ruinous powers are well known to me, and I wouldn't mind running a few Slaangors in the future, should the forthcoming Slaanesh battletome share the framework presented in Disciples of Tzeentch (which I enjoyed). Fortunately, my wife was recently taken by the Daughters of Khaine medusai, so we'll get to build our armies side-by-side.

I find writing out my thoughts helps me work through things, so I started a blog on-site that will mark conception and growth of my HoS force. Speaking of, I still need to choose a starting point! Onward!  

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