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Help, where to go from here :)


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I'm -more or less regularly- playing AoS. I have a very ragtag collection of chaos models, and I like this way. But I would like some advice on making the best out of them.

We play using pitched battles point system, but then play narrative-like games mostly. We also appreciate weird/unusual scenarios. Also, we allow to add "fractions" to units. i.e. once you've got your first full 5-men unit of Blood Warriors, you can add 1, 2, 3 or 4, paying the appropriate fraction of the cost. 

Most of my stuff is Khorne, and probably I'll be able to field a working 1000+ force of just Khorne models, but I don't want to. I'd like to have a more "chaotic" and ragtag force. Something in the lines of earlier visions of "chaos" or even -for those among you old enough to remember them- on the lines of Fighting Fantasy books. I like my force to be chaotic and ragtag, not a well organized a disciplined generic evil army (that's what Chaos looks like these days).

Lastly, I am not asking for a "strong" army. If my first goal was winning, I'll probably go down the single alliance route. 
But I'd like to get a "working" army, without big weaknesses even if this cause the lack of a clear main strength. "Rogue of all trades, master of none" is probably what I'm aiming for, while maintaining a mixed races look. 

So, what I have:

  • Khorne
    AoS original starter set, with beefed numbers (+5 Blood Warriors (10 total), +10 Blood Reavers (30 total) )
    10x Blood Warriors with 2axes, with banner and special weapon
    The  4 champions from Gorechosen
    Blood priest with sword.
    Aspiring Champion on pile of skulls
    6x Fleshounds
  • Slaves to Darkness
    Chaos Lord
    5x Chaos Knights (unassembled)
    Wizard on foot
    Wizard on steed
    12 Marauders (unassembled)
    Darkoath Chieftain
  • Nurgle
    Lord of Plagues
    Great Unclean One (unassembled)
    Poxbringer Herald
  • Skaven 
    4x Rat Ogre
    3x Jezzail (currently assembling)
    WHQ hero
    Plague Priest
  • Monsters + misc
    3x Skin Wolves (currently assembling)
    1x Spawn
    Balewind Vortex
    Malign Sorcery

Up to now, I've fielded a core of Blades of Khorne, that's what I have the most models from, plus some random model I like the look of (i.e. Chaos Lord). The plan is  to add  Skin Wolves and Chaos Knight to the Flesh Hounds to have some speed (plan is getting on opponent's face as fast as I can). Add the wizard + vortex + cogs to speed up troops. Add jezzails to have some rats and add some range.
I plan to give the Nurgle Herald a try, looks he could do his job by himself. Lord of Plague seems to enjoy a Putrid Blitking unit next to him... maybe I'll consider buying one. 
Speaking of future purchases, I'd like to add some beastmen (gors and bestigors mostly, I don't like the look of ungors), or maybe a box of chaos hounds, 

We play 1250-1500 points as for now, planning to go up to 1750 or 2K in the next future.
Armies I usually face are Stormcasts, Khorne, Ironjawz

Thanks for any input :)


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Well theres nothing wrong with fielding GA Chaos. Crown of Conquest is still a pretty neat item to have!


I'd say the only model from your collection that might be the most ineffective in GA Chaos is the GUO.  He's tanky for sure, but he generally is a support piece for nurgle hordes (especially plague drones). The Skaven Warlord generally likes to also pal around with verminous units.

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No wait, Crown of Command gives you D3 Command Points.
Where it is then? Can't find it on GHB18.   It's the one in the Core Book :)

Honestly, having to look into three books (Core, GHB, Sorcery) to find something you don't remember where it was presented, is not very handy, especially for a game in its first year of life (2.0). Just sayin'... ^^;

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Ok, here's a draft for a list of ready or almost-ready stuff I have, so I can realistically play this list this week (so no Chaos Knights, that I badly want to play but look daunting to paint, and I'll have to paint them partially assembled, I think). Anyway...

Allegiance: Chaos

Mighty Lord Of Khorne (120)
- General
- Artefact: Crown of Conquest
Bloodsecrator (140)
Poxbringer Herald of Nurgle (120)
Chaos Sorcerer Lord (160)
- Runestaff

10 x Blood Warriors (200)
- Goreaxes
- 1x Goreglaives
30 x Bloodreavers (210)
- Reaver Blades

3 x Warplock Jezzails (140)
5 x Flesh Hounds (100)
3 x Skin Wolves (160)

Endless Spells
Chronomantic Cogs (60)
Balewind Vortex (40)

Total: 1450 / 1500
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 200
Wounds: 99

Plan is to split Bloodreavers into two 15-men units.
Also, I have a 6th Flesh Hound model, so I'll be able to add it for 20pts, but I'll lose the extra Command point this way, isn't it? What's better in your opinion? What Command Trait for the general would be advisable? Cunning Deceiver looks neat. Also Crown of Conquest is just 6", looks a tad too short-ranged to be effective...


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Well you don't have to run Crown of Conquest, it is generally a item to take for running hordes like skaven. With the small amount of models and points, could go for a weapon instead.

And don't sweat it! I know it seems a tad frustrating to have a hodgepodge amount of models but as long as you have fun!

Believe me man I was shocked when I first started 40k in 4th edition, all I had was the Battle For Macragge. That was like...10 tactical marines, and some tyranids. Not even a proper leader for any army!

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Just got a Brayherd Shaman cause the spell that pulls enemy units sounds neat in am army focused on hth combat.
Plan is to replace the  Chaos Sorcerer Lord in the list above, saving 60pts that I would spend into a Umbral Spellportal endless spell.
Goat wiz on Vortex 1" from Spellportal means I can drag units 42" away.
Does this make any sense? It's a 200pts trick (Goat wiz, Vortex, Spellportals). Considering I'm going to include Gears, too, and a second wizard... maybe it's too many points in magic alone?

Speaking of Wizards, I've digged some Skaven stuff I have stored for Mordheim. Among them there's an Engineer from Island of Blood. His lightning looks nasty. Maybe I should consider him to replace the Herald? This way I will have no Nurgle in the list, though. Theme/lore wise, I'd like a list as diverse and varied as possible.


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