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Selling/trading High Elves from Spire of Dawn

Ragnar Alpaca

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As you can see I have started painting all of them. The swordmasters are all just basecoated with leadbelcher, the sea guard have had basecoats and a wash, the griffin has had the same done, the archmage I spent more time on and has a pretty decent paint job if I say so myself. The griffin’s wings haven’t been glued and neither has its body to the flying stand.

I am primarily wanting to trade these for any Dispossessed/Dwarf Ironweld Arsenal, Skaven, Beastmen, or Seraphon models. I might also consider taking cash for them, I’m totally willing to negotiate for anything though, if you have some spare models from any AoS faction I might be interested, the only faction I definitely would not want any of are Stormcast. I would also be interested in any Space Wolves, or Adeptus Mechanicus things. 

PM me if you have questions/offers, or put them on this thread it doesn’t matter which.


These Reavers are also included too I just forgot to put them in the group photo.

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