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Oldhammer, Ecclectic Warhammer, Specialist Games for sale


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Bunch of Old Warhmmer models-Dark Elves, Goblins, Dwarves, Regiment of Renown, plus some Warmaster and Mordheum. Most of them can still be used in various GH factions etc, may be of interest to someone looking for something a bit different for their Darklking Coven, Grots and Duardin, plus a few other bits and bobs.
Some of these are quite rare now. I'm not looking to get a mortgage off selling them or anything but also not desperate to get rid of them either, so make a sensible offer if interested. As a rule of thumb, if it costs loads on Ebay, I won't charge you as much as that but I won't give if you for a fraction of it. If you want any pictures or further info let me know.
I live in the UK, International posting will probably cost you a fortune but I'm down with it if you want to pay it.
Those that are painted were painted by me at the age of 14. They are of a good standard for a 14 year old.
**Dark Elves**
16 old Black Guard. Big Hats. Choppy/slicey.
16 Old Repeater Crossbows. Crossbows would appear to be compensating for something else.
Command available for both
**Goblins and co**
Lesser spotted Goblin Shaman. Not a Night Goblin, just a plain, regular old Goblin.
Metal Spear Chukka with 3 crew. Wotcha gonna do brother, when the Goblin Crew chuck a spear atchu?
A prodder and a bagpipin' Goblin. Doot.
SNOTLING SWARM. A great bunch of lads.
10 Metal Longbeards. The Dude in Dwarf Form. The Duardin abide.
12 Hammerers. Not gonna front, I don't rate these models at all. Maybe you do though? If so, take 'em you weird pervert.
An old, old cannon, complete with a dwarf with a scope, and two ballista crew(?!)
Old Runsemith Model. Solid bloke.
Old Dwarf Lord Model covered in Gromnil armour. Absolutely covered though.
8 Bugmans Rangers. Big nosed, for your pleasure.
Dwarf Flame Cannon with 3 crew. Burns stuff.
**Regiments of Renown and a Vampire**
9 x Konrad Curze's Cursed Company, inc Command and Konrad himself, 2 in Blister
Ogla Khan's Bannerboy. I think I have the Khan himself somewhere but he's hiding at present.
Beorn Bearstruck + one of his lads
Prince Asarnil, minus Dragon
One of Verspero's Vendetta
Long Drong and 7 of his slayers
Blood Dragon Vampire, on Foot and Mounted in Blister. The aforementioned Vampire in this section.
**Specialist Games**
Mordheim Undead Warband complete, also with 3 exceptionally rare zombies-Dwarf, Sister and Reikland guy
Old GW Batte of Five armies Game (this one from mid noughties) Complete and in good order, except I've painted the Elves. Painted 'em well though, take a look.
Warmaster Night Goblins in Blister, and Trolls (out of Blister)
That's all she wrote. Thanks for looking!
















IMG_7677 (1).JPG







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