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The Pus-Lord Triumphant or Von Kreiger's Continued Failure

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Last Saturday saw the next game in our slow running narrative campaign between the vampire lord Nashoran with his necromantic ally von Kreiger and the Nurgle champion known and feared as The Pus-Lord. After von Kreiger's escape from the raid on his workshop Maggotwobble, The Pus-Lord's mage and personal physician, was planning on using some of the vile potions left behind from the fleeing necromancer to barter with another practitioner of the dark arts for new, as yet unspecified, arcane knowledge. The vampire and necromancer wanted the potions back so a tussle was inevitable.

We played with two smallish forces of about 1000pt from the GHB and a bespoke battleplan that we made up on the spot. I set up Maggotwobble and 10 Chaos Warriors in the centre of the table guarding a cauldron with the stolen potion. The rest of the armies would come on random table edges as the game progresses. The player with the most models around the cauldron at the end of battle round five would be the winner.


Death took the first turn and brought on a Varghulf, two Morghast Archai and a huge mob of 30 skeletons. The archai charged the warriors and effectively deleted them before reinforcements could arrive in my turn.


In my first turn on came a unit of Chaos Knights that charged the bone constructs and five Blightkings that began to deal with the Varghulf. The Archai chomped through the knights before being felled themselves by the blightkings who had killed the Varghulf. On the other flank Orghotts Daemonspew was swamped by skeletons and was eventually taken down to just one wound despite killing (re-killing?) 16 in one combat phase with the help of battleshock. 


 At this point the death heroes made their presence felt with Nashoran charging and killing the remaining knights. He was then counter charged by the Blightkings and killed. Von Kreiger lurked cowardly on the board edge and arcane bolted off Daemonspews last wound. Oh, the indignity! With only the Blighkings and von Kreiger left on the table the last couple of turns were a comedic sideshow that ended with the necromancer charging the Nurgle devotees and coming off the worse for wear for it. Victory for the Pus-Lord's forces again! 




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