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Coming back to Warhammer


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Hello, I'm out of the American Midwest (Wisconsin).

I've been doing miniatures since 1994 (starting with historicals, as well as Full Thrust, Crimson Skies and AoG's Babylon 5 stuff). I got into Warhammer fantasy after my dad got be a black and yellow "How to paint Wargames armies" book by GW.  Very quickly liked the undead. I picked up a few army books (6E era) and started playing in 2005. I was mainly a VC player for years, though I dabbled heavily with Choas Dwarfs. I also played other armies (mostly because I enjoy painting/converting).  When AoS hit I reduced inventory, but I kept my heavily converted Ogres (all Nurgle themed), my VC, Chaos Dwarfs, and Chaos Mortals/Daemons (all Nurgle).


The General's Handbook really made a difference for me, and while I've dabbled lightly over the last year or so, I'm wanting to get back into the full swing of things. So I'll be poking around and asking questions so I can better know what to expect from the game these days.

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