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New Chicago Player


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Hi there, My name is Peter a.k.a. PKredki, and I'm a new member from Chicago, Illinois.

I've been playing AoS for about a year now and just finished my first two  Adepticon Tournaments. (Doubles and the Championships on top of coming off a nasty cold) I play mainly Skaven Skryre but I have a good chunk of other Skaven clans in my collection as well. I also play Flesh-Eater courts a little bit when I feel like changing it up a little bit.

I'm interested in finding other tournaments in the mid-west area and just people I can play against in general, either at my FLGS Grognard Games or elsewhere.

One last little thing that I do in the hobby is a small Youtube channel between my friend and I, called Suburban Warfare. So far we've finished a Skirmish campaign and we're on the way to completing a Path to Glory Campaign as well.

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