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Question about the Lord of Chaos, abilities

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This post is aimed at Chaos players who have fielded the Lord of Chaos in AoS games.

He has the ability Glory or Damnation which is described on the warscroll:

"if the Lord of Chaos slays the opposing army general, then you can choose to replace him with a Daemon Prince model. On the other hand, if the Lord of Chaos is slain, you can replace him with a Chaos Spawn model. In either case, the new model has its full complement of starting wounds."

1. In matched play, does this mean that reinforcement points must be used for the replacement model? I am assuming yes, although the wording (specifically the term replace) is somewhat vague, since you could maybe argue that it is not a new unit but a replacement of the original and included in his cost (like Morathi?).

2. Regarding spawndom, I am assuming that when he is slain by any cause, he can be replaced by a Spawn. Am I misinterpreting this? Is it implied by the previous sentence that he only turns into Spawn if slain by the opposing army general?

Anyone has experience with this in actual play?

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