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  1. multiarms

    Help an old WHFB use is old High Elf collection

    OP you also have the making of a solid 1000-1500 pt. army using the Eldritch Council faction. If that is your allegiance, then swordmasters become battleline. Convert one of the mages onto the dragon (or see if your friends will let you count the dragonlord as either drakeseer or archmage on dragon). The unmounted archmages and the loremaster can be fielded as additional leaders. For allies, maybe you can bring in another unit like the bolt thrower or archers.
  2. multiarms

    Slaves to Darkness newb questions

    Hey Dwarf Giant, I'm pretty new to AoS as well but I've played WHFB and 40K since the 1990s. I'm getting into Aos recently and have focused on Slaves to Darkness. Here are some of my thoughts on this faction. In my opinion, there is not much use in mixing Khorne with Slaves to Darkness. The Blades of Khorne battletome has basically everything that you want from a Khorne warrior force (Bloodreavers instead of marauders, Blood Warriors instead of Warriors of Chaos, Juggernauts instead of Knights, etc.), plus you get the great synergy, Daemons, Blood Tithe points, etc. So if you like Khorne, it's better to just do straight up Khorne. However, this is just my opinion. My approach is tending to stick with Slaves and just use that allegiance. I would choose the mark or marks for each unit based on the opponent and scenario, etc. The downside is you cannot take non-mounted monsters (they're not allies in the GHB17). But you can use Chaos Lord or Chaos Sorcerer on a Chimera. Chaos Spawn are cool and I use them instead of other monsters. Also, there is a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount who is great with knights and chariots, cool gorebeast chariots, giant warshrine, etc. Also, don't forget Slambo and Darkoath Warqueen (two newer heroes) and Sayl the Faithless (a great Hero from Forgeworld). The only Daemons you can deploy as StD are Daemon Princes or Be'Lakor, but you could ally in a unit of Daemons, or use a wizard to summon any daemons you want, using reinforcement points (since allegiance only applies to the army you start with). That way, you could have a StD sorcerer with mark of Tzeentch summon a unit of Bloodletters, etc. If you want, you can choose Nurgle or Tzeentch allegiance instead (or Slaanesh but why?), thereby opening it up to those specific allegiance rules, Daemons, heroes, etc. Because all of the basic StD units can be given a mark of chaos and therefore have that become their allegiance. You could certainly do this with Khorne as well (except for the Sorcerers - there is no magic in the Blood God's armies!!). But as I tried to express above, why bother when Khorne already has everything with its own special flavour? Anyways, hope that helps and gives you some ideas. The list you put above is fine but as others said you would need to take Allegiance= Chaos (and good luck finding a hellcannon model). I think that plain StD can be very fun, with a nice mix of melee, magic, and heroes (not much ranged weapons, alas). The aesthetic of the models is really cool and old-school too. Good luck to you and keep us updated with what you decide to do!
  3. This post is aimed at Chaos players who have fielded the Lord of Chaos in AoS games. He has the ability Glory or Damnation which is described on the warscroll: "if the Lord of Chaos slays the opposing army general, then you can choose to replace him with a Daemon Prince model. On the other hand, if the Lord of Chaos is slain, you can replace him with a Chaos Spawn model. In either case, the new model has its full complement of starting wounds." 1. In matched play, does this mean that reinforcement points must be used for the replacement model? I am assuming yes, although the wording (specifically the term replace) is somewhat vague, since you could maybe argue that it is not a new unit but a replacement of the original and included in his cost (like Morathi?). 2. Regarding spawndom, I am assuming that when he is slain by any cause, he can be replaced by a Spawn. Am I misinterpreting this? Is it implied by the previous sentence that he only turns into Spawn if slain by the opposing army general? Anyone has experience with this in actual play?
  4. multiarms


    Thanks for checking. Cheers man!
  5. multiarms

    Can a Gaunt Summoner still get disc or familiars?

    I do not find the listing for 140 pts in GHB17. I think my confusion stems from the fact that there are 3 different warscrolls for Gaunt Summoner, published in at least 4 different locations: 1. Everchosen battletome - Gaunt Summoner described on disc. This same warscroll is also included in the Grand Alliance: Chaos book in the Everchosen section. He's listed as 120 points in the GHB17 pitched battle profile under Everchosen. 2. WH Quest Silver Tower - with familiars. Listed as 120 points in the GHB17 under DoT. There is also another Gaunt Summoner (without the familiars) immediately following in the DoT list, who is also listed at 120. Presumably this is the Summoner on disc and uses the Everchosen/Chaos warscroll? 3. Disciples of Tzeentch battletome - Gaunt Summoner on foot without familiars. He is listed as 100 pts in the pitched battle profile at the back of the DoT book, and there are no other Gaunt Summoners listed on that particular chart. I believe that the DoT battletome is the most recently published pitched battle profile, but I'm not sure whether that therefore nullifies the profiles listed in GHB17?? I suppose my interpretation is that all three are still viable options. You can have Summoner on foot for 100, or Summoner with disc for 120, or with familiars for 120. The confusion seems to be because there are multiple warscrolls and also 2 different pitched battle profiles which do not contain the exact same info (although they do not necessarily contradict one another explicitly). Also, GW still sells all 3 variations of the summoner model.
  6. Help clarify this for me. Is the warscroll for Gaunt Summoner in the DoT battletome considered "updated" in the sense that the older scrolls from Grand Alliance:Chaos and Everchosen battletome, etc. are no longer valid? Or can they still get optional disc or familiars for an extra 20 points in matched play?
  7. multiarms


    Any chance you've still got the High Elves? I saw that as of October you had all but the skycutter. You quoted another user $50+ shipping, which sounds reasonable to me.