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Stormcast 1k Army


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So after i finished my Death army and have had many games (also won most of these games because skeleton blops op), I decided to start a new 1k stormcast army for a little bit of variety. (Currently playing 1-3 times a week in my local tabletop club or gw store)


I thought about:

1x Lord Celestant on Food

1x Relictor

10x Liberators

5x Judicators

5x Judicators (maybe combine them)

5x Retributors

3x Prosecutors with hammers (or javelins, can't decide yet)


What do you guys think about that list? Is it any good or would you change something? 


P.S.: I made this list for the very low money price of this army. (Starter Box, 2x Retributors in the little box, 10x Judicators = round about 140 €)



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I wouldn't combine the Judicators into a single unit. Keep them separate, and put the special weapon on the primes as they get plus one to hit. This week one of my primes did 4 or 5 wounds to a stegadon in a single round of shooting. I would probably be tempted to split the liberators into 2x5 to be able to tie up more units. Not actually played with the prosecutors yet, however in theory I definitely prefer the javelins.  The prime with the trident is pretty solid in that set up. However if you want your prosecutors to get up close and personal I like the idea of a grandhammer on the prime and hammers on his cronies.

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No problem. I would add that its beneficial to add the special weapon onto the liberator prime as well. I like Grandhammers, and Warhammers on the basic guys. Especially with the Lord Celestant as your general. His command ability to give units with in 9" +1 to hit is fantastic. Means yours hitting on 3's wounding on 3's. If something has 5 or more wounds you go to hitting on 2's wounding on 3's. not bad for 100 points!

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