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Fyreslayer Starter, where to go next!


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I recently won a Fyreslayer starter box and I purchased a second one, but now that I have them I have no clue how to build them! I will probably start picking up vulkite boxes when I get the chance (Why are they so darn expensive?!)

I am reading that for the Vulkites Pick + Shield seems to be the way to go, does that sound right?

The Magmadroth is where I am finding the real trouble. 

Im assuming a runefather for his command ability, but for the second one should I do a smiter or a runeson? Im kind of thinking the son mostly so that I can have 2 smiters on foot for tunneling purposes. 

What do you guys suggest?


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I recommend Runeson on magma and runefather on foot plus the Runesmiters on foot for the first magma. Since that's the heroes with the best command abillities IMO. The second one is harder. You want both another Runesmiter on foot and a Runesmiter on magma IMO. I would go for Runesmiters on foot and whatever on the magma but that's a hard choice.

I have a runeson and a runesmiter on magma and a runfather and two smiters in foot and havn't bothered building the last magma yet. ?

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If you're worried bout gluing the wrong model to the top of the magmadroth, it's really easy to magnetize so you can swap them out and see what you like.

I got some fyreslayers for christmas and in 1k games have been running:

2xrunesimter on magmadroth (cheapest points for 1k)

1xgrimwrath berserker

1xbattlesmith (least sure on this guy, though he spent a full battle away from my army rolling 1s on terrain and i won without him)

2x10 vulkites with picks and shield (would prefer 1x20 but battleline)

1x10 hearthguard berserkers with poleaxes

I'm considering swapping a hero for a footed runefather so i can take the vulkites as 1 unit for better saves, I think that's quite important


Been wiping my friend's mixed death, flesh eater, and seraphon with it but we're both still very new to the game so I'm also open to criticism and definitely wouldn't take my list as gospel 

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