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Olrog Ironead at RAW17

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Following Realm Hoppers event my Wurrgog Prophet Olrog and his Hunter Snikrod participated in the events of RAW17 this is their story


The brooding silence of Mount Drextros was broken only by the shuffling feet of slaves and the harsh crack of the Orruk overseers' whips. The shambling figures represented a broad spectrum of the races found across the Realms, Human, Aelf, Duardin, Grot and Ogor all were goaded and driven into the black maw of the mine entrance. Few would see the light of day again. Shackled captive Ogors shunted wheeled cart filled with rust veined rocks in the other direction. 


Olrog stood on a nearby hillock observing the toil with a self satisfied smirk. 


"Iron Rock" he muttered to the gigantic Megaboss at his side 


"What’s it for?" Bolg enquired with a puzzled expression 


"To make an Idol" 


Next came the inevitable "what’s an Idol?" 


"It's like a statue that moves"


"So it's a Stone Boy then"


Olrog's eye's widened slightly in surprise at his lieutenants recognition, before remembering the Megaboss has ruled his own horde and fought many battles across the Realms before his "recruitment" he'd probably seen a thing or two.  


"Yeah that's it"


"What do we need it for Boss?" use of the honourific showed Bolg was aware he risked the Prophet's wrath with his persistent questioning. 


"Coz I sed so!" Thought the erstwhile Warboss, but something stayed Olrog on this occasion and he felt compelled to share his vision. 


"Do you member when Gothrog and is Boyz got ate by that Pansy Dragon?" 


"Yer Boss, it was pretty funny" 


Olrog was forced to concede that it had been pretty amusing seeing the scheming Irongut disappear into the Dragon's gullet, pretty fortuitous too considering he was getting a little too ambitious. 


"Yer right Bolg, but I can't have my best Boyz keep getting eaten by big flying lizards all the time when they should be stomping oomies an stunties". Olrog realised he'd used too many words Bolg's eyes had glazed over and he'd taken to hitting a nearby tree with his Boss choppa. Olrog smirked to himself no danger of that one getting too ambitious or ambitious at all for that matter. 






It had taken months of ceaseless toil and and expended the lives’ of countless slaves but the Idol was near completion. Olrog directed two of his Brutes as they fixed the mask to the Idol's head and it was ready. 


Olrog  stepped back admiring the fruits of his labour. He was pleased, it was a fitting monument to Gorkamorka. Of course it was always meant to be more than a mere statue but than didn't mean it's majesty was lost on him. Bolg shambled to his side. 


"It's pretty big boss" he said with typical understatement. 


"It's supposed to be" came Olrog's retort, he was beginning to wish he'd employed someone a little more insightful as his second in command. Then Bolg surprised him, 


"You sure this is a good idea Boss?" 


Olrog started at his subordinate's caution not least because of the implied forethought. 


"Why's that?" 


"Them Stone boys can be a bit unpred..... unpredick...... dangerous"


"That’s the point Bolg, it's supposed to crump stuff up good, you’re just sulking cos it's bigger than you"


Bolg shrugged noncommittally. Olrog turned and gestured the waiting Boyz forward.  Into the hall trooped the entirety of the Horde, lumbering Brutes, unstable Bonesplitterz and steel eyed Boyz. They gathered in an unruly mob around the Idol the largest shouldering their way to the front. 


Olrog nodded to himself as he took in the sight, the spiky oomies needed blood to power their magic, pansys and oomies needed powerful artifacts to call forth eldritch powers all he need was his boys. Basking in Greenskin superiority Olrog raised his arms and a hush descended across the hall. He opened his lungs 




The Horde echoed his cry




The deafening bellow shook the timbers of the hall, hairline cracks snaked across stone floor. A spectral Green figure coalesced above the Idol before settling across it like morning mist. 


The Idol raised its head a sickly glow emminating from its eyes. It paused a fraction as if staring at an object In the distance, then with surprising speed and a thundering roar it lurched forward into a run. With a whoop of unbridled joy Blog leapt at the stone monstrosity swinging his choppa. The Idol caught him with a backhand blow sending the Megaboss crashing clean through the wall of the hall in a tangle of iron plate and timber. With all the power of the avalanche of rock that it was the Idol bowled the assembled Boys out of its way smashing its way clear of the Orruk encampment before disappearing into horizon. 


"Impressive" Olrog muttered to himself, he did need to get the Idol back though and he was not going to chase it around and Bolg was likely to attempt to smash it up if left unsupervised. Then he had it, 


"Lissen up you Gitz" he barked at his Bonesplitter bodyguard, "The one of youse who brings me the biggest catch gets to lead da boys to bring da Stoneboy back". Ever willing the prove their prowess the Bonespliterz barely paused for thought before pouring into the surrounding jungle to hunt. 





The Saurian burst from the undergrowth in a spray of shredded vegetation and tree sap. It's headlong charge did not slow as it cannoned across the clearing and back into the jungle. The Beast was a mighty apex predator of prodigious size and ill temperament but it was not hunting it was fleeing in terror.  Its assailant had looked like any other meal but walked on two legs. It moved so fast and hurt the Beast with it long fang. The Beast had fled from the danger but that had been many hours ago and it was tired to the point of exhaustion. The Beast was fast no meal had ever outrun it and it would escape now. 


The Beast felt more tired than it ever had, its legs buckled and it slowed to walk. It felt out with its senses, nothing was behind it, it was free. Exhausted it collapsed to the ground to rest gulping  large rasping breaths of air. A low humming sound triggered it's instincts. Jerking it's head up the Beast saw the Two Leg prowl out of the trees ahead of it. The Beast tried to stand but it's legs failed. The two leg bared its teeth and pounced. 


Snikrod plunged his Sitka Harpoon in the Saurian's brainstem ending its resistance. He had pursued it to exhaustion and it was unable to stand let alone put up a fight. Snikrod set about the grisly task of securing his trophy. Olrog would know his worth. 










Olrog nodded in appreciation at the giant Saurian head that had been laid out in offering before him. 


"You done well Snikrod" Olrog proclaimed "Take the big lads and the Spliterz’l, get the Stoneboy!"


Snikrod turned to leave "Wait" barked Olrog "Bolg you go an all". Snikrod's eyes narrowed briefly but he accepted the order with a tilt of his head. The gesture was not lost on Olrog, nor was the the glare of ambition in the hunter's eyes, he beckoned his enforcer in close, 


"Lissen, Bring the Stoneboy back but leave the Hunter" 


Blog grimly nodded his head, this was a task he'd completed for the boss before.  




To bring his master plan to fruition Olrog has sent Snikrod The Hunter, along with Bolg and his toughest Boys to recapture the escaped Rogue Idol. Olrog remains in his fortress amidst the jungles of the Great Green Torc. Intent on rebuilding his Horde and completing his mighty Warmachine 



Olrog sat hunched upon his crude throne. In the weeks since Bolg and Snikrod had left on the hunt things had progressed well. He had recruited several bands of Greenskinz to his service. His slaves had repaired the damage done by the Rogue Stoneboy and had been put back to work on the War Machine. Once the hunting party returned with the Stoneboy all would be ready. 


Ringoz was butchering an Aelf carcass at the base of the platform on which the throne sat.  Olrog gestured and Ringoz tossed him a thigh then grunted in surprise. Olrog looked up at the sound and saw what had caused the Warchanter to interrupt his meal.  The Aelf's blood was flowing uphill and pooling in front of his throne. The blood began to stretch up into the air forming into a twisted humanoid shape. It possessed the character of both a man and breast moulded in grotesque parody of both. 


"Mojgorox" it rasped its fist thumping into its chest before pointing a clawed finger at Olrog 


"Artur Sigi and his griffin beastie become one under Tzeentch.  To get him now my father expresses passage through me"


Olrog clenched his fists at the mention of the hated Amber Mage. Waaagh energy formed around him, the pressure in the room building to a thunderhead. 


The bloody apparition raised its arm and gestured towards the path battered trough the jungle by the Stoneboy's rampage. With a bellowed Waaagh Olrog leapt to his feet and blasted the projection to mist with a burst of Wurrgog energy. The meaning of the visitation was clear. A challenge has been made.  Mention of the Chaos Trickster god meant it was also a trap but the Boyz had iseen it, making it one Olrog could not ignore.  Besides there was an empty trophy thong on Olrog's Juju Hacka ready for the Wizard's skull. Grabbing the Dragon bone weapon from the side his throne Olrog powered into the path of devastation cut by the Rogue Idol and the perusing Hunters. Olrog whooped with joy he would be joining the hunt.




Olrog arrives at the Hunting grounds at the head of the most capable section of his Horde. Brutes and Bonesplitterz who revel in combat with monstrous beasts. He is accompanied by Snikrod a Bonesplitter Hunter, who possesses relentless stamina running beasts to exhaustion before moving in for the kill. Due to Snikrod’s obvious ambition, Olrog has made sure that he doesn't stray far from the watchful eye of his chief enforcer Bolg. Bolg unusually for an Orruk is totally loyal to Olrog and has orders to dispose of Snikrod once the Rogue Idol has been recaptured. Trusting his subordinates to achieve this Olrog turns his eye to Mojgorox, a warped Beastlord who has brought his unique brand of lunacy to the Hunting grounds. Mojgorox claims to hold the key to locating Artur Sigi, an Amber Mage with whom Olrog craves a reckoning. 


The Hunter 


Snikrod the Hunter has been part of Olrog's Horde since the beginning. An unremarkable Greenskin other than his ability to avoid meeting a messy demise.  That changed once Olrog unleashed Wurrgog power into his boys. The Bonesplitter spirt was unleashed in Snikrod greatly increased both his physical abilities and base cunning. While not intelligent as such Snikrod possess a level of raw cunning unseen outside of a Grot Warboss. Coupled with his prestigious stamina he is an ideal hunter able to wear down the mightiest of prey through relentless pursuit, traps and ambushes till the Beast is unable to resist further.




Snikrod slithered forward on his belly and poked his head over the lip of the ridge overlooking a shallow valley. His instincts had not failed him. The Idol was engaged in a vicious battle with a gigantic beetle, both Leviathans were battering each other with titanic force.  He slipped below the horizon to plan a way fo trap the beast. 


“Wot you seen” grunted Bolg


“Quiet” hissed Snikrod not wanting to alert either monster to their presence. 


“Fine I’ll look meself” said the Megaboss as he shouldered the Hunter aside and strode over the over the crest of the hill. Any pretence at stealth was lost.  Both Monsters ceased their combat and bounded towards a nearby Realmgate and escape.  The Idol clearly suffering from the blows of the beetle misjudged its line crashing into the stone work of the gate. Stunned the Leviathan crashed to the floor. 


Ever the pragmatist Snikrod chuckled to himself. That Ironclad dullard had inadvertently tricked the Idol into serving itself up to him.  He scanned the surroundings for the Giant Beetle. Injured as it was it clearly a dangerous foe.  It ignored the Orruks plunging into the Realmgate and with a flash of light it was gone. 


As the glow faded another foe revealed themselves.  Silver Armour giants of the Stormcast Eternals. 


“Thunder Oomies!” growled Bolg as he stomped towards the enemy.  An ornately garbed Stormcast strode forward to answer the challenge. Bolg didn’t break step or even raise his axe simply punching his ripntooth fist through the head of the warrior before him.  Startled by this demonstration of unreasoning violence the Stormcast backed into a defensive formation around some giant seed and backed away into undergrowth. 


Snikrod smirked, perhaps the Megaboss was going to be useful after all. He couldn’t place it but there was something familiar to the scent surrounding the Stormcast. They had recently been in contact with something familiar, not Stormcast but something or someone important to the Waaagh. 




Illuminated by the crackling fire Snikrod plotted his next move.  Enemies roamed all over the surroundings drawn by the glut of monsters in the area.  Getting the Idol back to Olrog without a major battle would be difficult. Not that Snikrod minded a battle but accidents happened and Snikrod’s life would be measured in seconds if he failed in his task. Of course it was only Bolg’s presence that was stopping him slipping off into the night. The Megaboss slept not ten feet away a strike with the Harpoon Pigstikka and that problem would be solved. But what would he do? As powerful as he was Snikrod was no Warboss beside which the Prophet was a proper leader, brutal and cunning, he also had vision. Sticking with Olrog would mean big scraps with Cities to burn and stunties to bash. 


Snikrod’s thoughts were interrupted by a hand on his shoulder. 


“Boss, we got Goatmen approaching the camp” said the sentry “an they got some sort of squiggly beast with em”


“Ow big?”


“Looks like a young en, it keeps changing shape en all” 


Good, thought the Hunter this would provide a opportunity to test his control over the Stoneboy and a good scrap would clear his head. 


Snikrod turned turned to the sentry “Right! Get the other guards we’re going to clobber some Goats”

“Shall I wake Bolg”


“Don’t be daft he’ll pull your Ead off, give a couple of the Brutes a kick they’ll be handy”. 




It had been a gratifyingly bloody Skirmish, if a little short. The Stoneboy had made mincemeat out the Beastmen, whilst the the Orruks had beaten the monstrous beast with them into submission. Somehow the beast still lived. 


“Shall I finish him?” asked the Brute Boss “looks like it’ll make good eatin”


“No” said Snikrod “It’s only a baby and the meats no good.  Let it go an when it’s full grown it’ll give us a proper fight”


A groan issued from the pile of offal that had been the Beastmen. The Idol raised a mighty stone fist to pulverise whatever had survived its assault. Snikrod stayed its wrath with a gesture and kicked aside the bodies to uncover the survivor.   Lying at the bottom of the pile was the biggest and most hideous Beastman he had seen. It’s face was devoid of flesh and eyes dotted its limbs. 


“The fathers they know what your Prophet wants” rasped the monstrosity  


“We’ll see about that” muttered Snikrod as he directed a brute to hoist the Beastlord across its shoulders. 




The small skirmish force plowed its way through the undergrowth and into the clearing where the remainder of the hunting force had made its camp. The sight that greeted them filled Snikrod with dread. Bolg was cowering way from a smaller yet still mighty Orruk. Olrog Iron Ead the Prophet of the Waaagh himself was admonishing his lieutenant for some wrong doing.  Although smaller than a Megaboss the Prophet was a big Orruk standing taller than even the mighty Brutes. Clad in his Iron Mask and a few tattered piece of armour Olrog exuded menace and charisma in equal measure. The Waaagh infused him in a palpable way often lashing out in cracks to green energy when his ire was up. 


Olrog’s baleful gaze turn on Snikrod who to his credit remained standing. 


“You got the Idol, Hunter” stated the Warlord with a slight incline of his head “You done good.  Looks like you got sumfink else for me as well”


“Yeah some Goatlord who sez he knows you Boss” said Snikrod. 


Olrog beckoned with over and Snikrod dragged the bound unconscious form of Mojgorax over to him


“Well well well” smirked Olrog. “Get im in chains and let me know when he wakes up, I need to ask im a few questions”


The Beastlord woke with a snarl. A red hue misted it’s eyes. It gnashed it’s teeth biting out at he Orruks surrounding it. 


“BLOOD, SKULLS! The fathers care only for your blood and skulls. You will bleed, child of Gork and you will die”


Olrog shrugged and stabbed his flint knife into the Beastlord’s shoulder slamming it back into its chains. The Beast convulsed violently and began to purr. It’s eyes transitioned from the red to a deep purple. It’s tongue flicked out licking the outside of it’s teeth. 


“Ooooo, it hurts so good, the fathers take pleasure from every sensation.”

Olrog punched Mojgorox with a meaty fist. The Beatman’s head jerked back violently he shook his head and fixed Olrog with a stare.  His eyes glowed blue. 


“Cease your torture Morkson, the fathers know who you want and they have allowed me to tell you. The city of Colarcanium holds who you seek”


Olrog hit the Beastlord again, he was not going to take orders from anyone let alone a some mangoat. Mojgorox blinked his eyes turning green. 


“The Grandfather sends his greetings” he hissed wetly. A sickly aura emanated from the Chaos god’s jester. As the Orruks leapt away to safely Mojgorox shock himself like a wet dog shedding the rusting remnants of the chains that held him like a spray of water.  With a whooping cackle the  Beastlord disappeared I’m a fetid miasma. 


“He’ll keep” Snarled the Prophet of the Waaagh “Snikrod, get the Stoneboy ready to go and while you’re at it get some grub for the Boyz”.  The Hunter loped away bellowing for his hunting party.  Olrog grabbed hold of the collar of Bolg’s armour pulling the Megaboss in close, “ Go, and don’t let im get away from you this time”.   



Having secured the information Olrog required and recaptured the Rogue Idol Waaagh Olrog prepares to return to its territory to gather its full might to assault the City of Colarcanium.  The foraging party lead by the Megaboss Bolg runs into a small force of Khornate Daemons summoned forth by the Bloodshed in the area 




Bolg roared with joy as he smashed the blade of his choppa into the face of the Bloodthirster. The Greater Daemon exploded in a spray of gore.  Bellowing laughter the Megaboss cast his eye over the battlefield.  He felt better than he had for weeks.  Keeping an eye on the Hunter for the Boss was all well and good but battle was where he belonged and this battle was going well. Fighting the Red Daemons was fun, they didn’t ponce around shooting arrows at you or run away they got stuck in a fought proper.  The Hunter, his Idol and the Brutes were stomping a group flayed Daemonic hounds into paste. On the other flank the Bonesplitterz were fighting hard against more of the Red Daemons who were riding on the backs of metal Gruntas. The Bonesplitterz wouldn’t last much longer but the Brutes had finished slapping the Devil dogs around. Blog circled his choppa through the air around his head and thrust it towards the Mounted Daemons who were beginning to pull back for another charge after finishing off the Splitterz. The Brutes followed his signals and tore into the Daemons who were rendered down into chunks of Hell forged Iron and blood red Ichor. 


The battle was won and they’d amassed a great stockpile of supplies before they’d bumped into the Daemons. Bolg marshalled his force to head back to Olrog. They’d got what they came for it

was time to get gone. 



Have won an important strategic victory and possessing the supplies necessary for the long journey to the Great Green Torc. Waaagh Olrog sets off but soon find its path blocked by the depraved followers of the missing Dark Prince Slaanesh



Snikrod woke with a start, the last thing he remembered was the Chaos thing on the Giant snake smashing into him. He struggled to his feet and took in the carnage around him. The Stoneboy was lying inert on the ground beside him. He place a hand on and could feel the Waaagh energy pulsing, it’s current state was only temporary.  He couldn’t say the same for the rest of the Waaagh. 


They had been ambushed by followers of the Pleasure god. Led by one who claimed to the god itself. That was rubbish, the entity was powerful but it was no god. He could see Olrog, Bolg and the Splitterz disappear under a scrum of semi naked cavalry as a giant multi-headed reptile rampaged around the battlefield. He guessed he was the boss now, or would be very soon anyway. 


The Brutes fought their way clear of the disaster by dismantling a formation of ornately armoured knights and stumbled up to him. They eyed him expectantly. 


“Roight, I’m in charge now. Pick the Stoneboy up an let get out of ere” Snikrod ordered.  The hunt was over it was time to count the spoils. 




Chamon the Realm of Metal. How in Gorkamorka’s name were they in Chamon. The battered remnants of Waaagh Olrog had enters the Realmgate that should have taken back to Ghyran and their fortress in the Great Green Torc. Yet here they were in a landscape of rusted plains and metallic spires. They were not alone rival Waaaghs mustered on the plains, the blood gods minions howl in rage as they spied the scions of slaanesh as they cavorted in the distance.  A flash of golden lightning at the horizon could only mean Sigmar’s chosen had arrived. A stench of death heralded the forces of death were somewhere nearby. 


A great Iron hill dominated the centre of the plain. It didn’t feel right like it was somehow alive. Snikrod vaulted onto a rock outcrop to get a better view. Hit by a wave of energy emanating from the hill he sank to a knee. Whatever it was it wasn’t a hill. Distracted the Stoneboy ran amok charging at the nearest rival faction smashing bodily into the Rogue Idol that stomped along side a group of Red armoured Greenskinz.  The Rogue Idol rocked back at the impact then smashed the Stoneboy asunder with a mighty blow. 


Snikrod paid it no mind. He felt linked to whatever was in that hill. He felt it’s pain as inexplicably the forces arrayed on the field started to attack it.  Then he saw it was no hill but a gigantic Realmbeast with a huge armoured dome on its back.  Surely this was really what had drawn the Waaagh this was no mere beast of the Realms but rather an incarnation of Gorkamorka himself. 


He would save this Beast. A bellowed order sent the Brutes stampeding into the Bloodgod’s Warriors who were moving in to claim the skull of this avatar of Gork or Mork. As in the earlier battle the red armoured humans proved no match for the massive Orruks.   A Bloodthirster came apart in a flurry of blows along with the Bloodwarriors.


Snikrod could feel the link pulsing with recognition. The Realmbeast began to move, ore tumbling from its flanks is cascades.  It hauled itself away from its attackers towards the salvation offered by Snikrod and his boys. Snikrod bounded down from the rock outcrop intent on leading the Beast back to the nearby Realmgate. With a noise like a blacksmith’s forge a huge figure detached itself from the shadows.


It spoke “Yer failed runt” 


Snikrod started with surprise “Bolg, how’d you git so quiet”


“Hehe never you mind Hunta, I’ve bin looking forward to this” the Megaboss grimaced as he advanced raising his Boss choppa like an executioners axe. 


“I thought he’d do it imself” spat the Hunter


Another shape moved from the gloom 


“I might just do that” said Olrog Ironead “you’ve let me down Snikrod” Olrog pointed to the ruin that was the Rogue Idol. 


“That’s just rocks Boss, I’ve got you sumfink better” said the Hunter. 


Olrog raised a questioning eyebrow inviting an explanation.  Snikrod gave gave none but turned to  face the Realmbeast sweeping his arms wide. Sheets of molten metal and lightning shot out from the Beast turning its attackers to shining statues or blasted them apart but not a single one of Waaagh Olrog’s Orruks was struck down.  Snikrod chopped his arms downwards and the Realmbeast smashed down with its limbs crushing scores of it adversaries. Again Olrog’s followers were untouched. Finally the Hunter pulled his arms into his chest and the Realmbeast lumbered towards him.   Olrog threw his head back and bellowed with laughter.


“Right get that thing through the Realmgate, me an the rest of the boys will keep those gits off it”


Olrog screamed his warcry and Waaagh Olrog barrelled into the forces attacking the Realmbeast, with the intensity of a natural disaster.  




Snikrod burst from the Realmgate and sank to his knees.  Gasping for breath he thanked Gorkmorka he was back in Ghyran.  The Realmbeast followed shuddering from the shock of the journey.  Snikrod could feel the crippling wounds that had been inflicted on the Beast.  Blood loss and immense pain were killing it.  It’s mighty knees buckled and the Titanic monster crashed to earth driving a cloud of dust into the air as it spasmed once and then was still. Snikrod howled in anguish and sympathetic pain.  The sound of tearing metal rent the air. The Hunter leapt back as the metallic skin of the Beast cracked and fell away.  Like a gigantic insect breaking free of its chrysalis the Realmbeast surged to its feet. Invigorated by the energies of Ghyran no longer was it a being of rock and metal but one of flesh bone and organic armour plate. Dipping its head the Realmbeast playfully butted Snikrod In recognition sending him soaring ten feet through the air. Powerful hands lifted Snikrod to his feet and a meaty arm was thrown around his shoulders.  Olrog’s deep voice sounded in his ear,


“Walk with me Snikrod, we’ve got a city to burn” 

The Saga of Waaagh Olrog continues at Rise of Empires 18 

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