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Humble Greetings


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Humble Greetings Denizens of the Eight Realms!

Like many german Warhammer Fans of my Age (left my 30s two years ago) my first Contact with Games Workshop was – and is – HeroQuest.  And then moved over to the grimdark Future of StarQuest, Space Hulk and Warhammer 40.000 in the early to Mid 90ies. And stayed there until recently. I watched the release of Age of Sigmar with fascination and followed the developement of the Game through out the last years with sympathy and joy, but never really considered starting it. Until recently a friend of mine started showing interest in all things Games Workshop and especially Age of Sigmar. And so I started buying Rule Books and Battletomes (and I still do have a complete Set of  Fantasy Flights Warhammer Invasion, which I do like a lot) …

I'm currently mostly trying to get behind most of the Fluff. Like with all Games Workshops Worlds, the Fluff and the Artwork are the things that attrakt me to the Games and Hobby, so I'll always start there (plus: I do have two kids and hardly time for painting, not to mention playing).  In the back of my head I try to prepare myself to decide, which Faction to start with building and playing. But after all those years, I know myself pretty well: This is probably going to take ages. So I take my time and enjoy the lovely Battletomes and Campaign Books in the meanwhile. Considering my Age, I of course tend towards the iconic Minis of the World that was: Dispossessed, Wanderers, Grots … especially as I tend to think: "Get 'em while you can."

So much for now …

Your humble Servant,

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