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Age of Sigmar at POLAR VORTEX - Jan 28th ( Glen Ellyn, IL)


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Age of Sigmar at POLAR VORTEX - One Day Event

This is a one day, 3 round event.
This will be played on 4x6 tables.
1000 point armies from the General's Handbook will be used.

We are excited to welcome Age of Sigmar to POLAR VORTEX! 

Awards will include Best General, Best Sportsman, and Overall Winner. Don't miss this special event!

Tournament Missions:
- Scorched Earth (GHB 2017)
- Battle for the Pass (GHB 2017)
- Star Strike (GHB 2017)

Rules Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BBGZNoSC3pOaqvn4hV0q5DsCTkTxEvaL?usp=sharing

This will take you directly to the link, to purchase your spot for the game.
$15.00 per player!

Please go to the link below to secure your spot!

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