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Skirmish: how to run a multiplayer campaign


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Hi! We're about to start an AoS skirmish campaign in Poznan, Poland. The rulebook describes how to play the campaign with 2 players, but I'm not sure how to do it with 3+ people (probably 4). Would you have any tips?

We could pick pairings at random for every round.  Or we could aim for every player to play with every other player, or pair high-scoring players with low-scoring ones. We could play multiplayer battles like in the Harrowmark Run, or we could decide on pairings remotely and then meet in pairings in any time we see fit. We could allow 1 scored battle per round, or we could allow more and give some bonuses for fighting 2+ battles a round (maybe with rerolls on the rewards table?). We could play 1 round a week or play in any time we see fit, as long as nobody is lagging behind. We could also mess with Renown gains. Finally, we could use the scenarios in the order from the book, or pick them at random.

What are your experiences with multiplayer skirmish campaign rules? What would you recommend?

(I already read everything here, house rules from Harrowmark and Bone Pile Desert look interesting)


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