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W: AOS Army (open to suggestions) H: Massive Cygnar Army


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Got a pretty huge army to trade. I'll absolutely split it up for trades, if the right AOS offer comes along. I won't sell it off in chunks, however; any $$ offers would have to be for the entire thing. :)

With an army of this size, this unfortunately has to be a USA-only offer. Shipping it would kill the value of this deal. If anyone in the NJ/NY/PA region is interested, I'd be happy to meet in person to exchange minis.


HAVE: Big Cygnar army & some Mercs to go with it.



-Capt Allison Jakes

-Stryker 1

-Stryker 2 NIB

-Stryker 3 NIB

-Sloan NIB

-Kraye NIB

-Caine 1 NIB

-Caine 2

-Haley 1

-Haley 2

-Haley 3

-Constance Blaize

-Nemo 1

-Nemo 2

-Nemo 3


-Siege Brisbane NIB

-Sturgis NIB




-Lancer NOS

-4x Lancers

-Stormclad/Reliant Kit NIB

-Ol Rowdy NIB

-Avenger/Centurion/Hammersmith Kit NIB

-Thunderhead NIB

-2x Cyclone/Defender/Ironclad Kit NIB

-Ace NIB

-2x Hunter NIB

-2x Hunters assembled

-2x Chargers


-2x Firefly

-Triumph Upgrade Kit


-2x Stormclads



-2x Ironclads


-2x Centurions

-2x Cyclone/Defender/Ironclad Kits (no boxes, but complete)

-Some of the warjacks that are assembled have been magnetized for different configurations, and there's a big bag of weapon & head options. It's in one of the pics.




Battle Engines:

-Storm Strider



-Storm Lances

-Trenchers NOS

-Stormblades NIB

-Rangers NIB

-Trencher UA NIB

-Trencher Cannon

-Trencher Chain Gun

-Sword Knights (some arms disassembled, but included)

-Arcane Tempest Gun Mages

-Black 13th

-Field Mechaniks

-2x Stormsmith Stormcallers

-Rangers (one or two have brass rod replacement gun barrels. Please see pics)

-Storm Tower



-Stormblade UA

-Precursor Knights

-Precursor Knights UA

-Trencher Commandos

-3x Trencher Commando Scattergunners


Solos & Mercs:

-Katherine Laddermore NIB

-Strangewayes NIB

-Finn NIB

-Stormblade Captain NIB

-Eiryss NIB

-Sylys NIB

-Gorman NIB

-Thor Steinhammer NIB

-Reinholdt NIB

-Viktor Pendrake NIB

-Ragman NIB

-Alain Runewood NIB


-Allison Jakes

-Alten Ashley

-Lanyssa Ryssyl

-Rhupert Carvolo

-Harlan Versh

-3x Journeyman Warcasters

-Jonas Murdoch

-Gun Mage Captain Adept


Other Stuff:

-Muse on Minis Tokens set

-Cygnar Dice

-Template Set

-Bunch of cards. Can't vouch for whether every model is represented, or for the current validity of these, since War Room became continuously updated. But they come with the army.


WANT: Something Else. :)


So, I'm just not playing much Warmachine/Hordes at the moment, and my Skorne are doing fine for me. No need for this army at this time.  I'd be open to discussing trades for:


-Most Age of Sigmar armies. Make me an offer! Seriously, I'm open to almost anything.

-$1550 USD shipped within the US.

-Select Skorne models:  Xerxis2, Morghoul3, either Gargantuan, Extoller Advocates, Immortals, or the bug warbeasts.


This Cygnar army is enormous, around $2600 at retail, give or take a few bucks.  There are duplicates of some of the models, that will be included at no charge and weren't factored into that price. So even though you see two Haley2s in the pics, I only figured the cost of one into the value of the army. :)


This army is easily big enough to make two full forces out of, so it'd be a great value to split with a buddy!


I'm happy to trade in your favor if the right AOS offer comes along. I'm also happy to take combinations of different forces. With the ability to mix factions together, that's fine.




































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