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Hello from Ireland

Arkanaut Admiral

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Ahoy there TGA!  Long time Irish player joining up here.  I’ve been war gaming since 1998 through the various editions of fantasy and 40k, and I took to AoS like a duck takes to water.  

Back in the day I played old school dwarfs.  So naturally when the Overlords came out I was all over them!  And in time I’ll probably pick up the Fyreslayers too!

I’m very happy to have found a dedicated AoS site, and I’m really looking forward to contributing!

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Just now, Darigandevil said:

Hello :) 

I just searched this forum for "Ireland" and this popped up!

I'm just getting into the hobby. Where do you play?



Hi! :)

I’m in Belfast.  I usually play at my friends place, but once I’ve got my force painted up I plan to play at the LGWS more.

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