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Omens and Snow

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So I'm a little too easily guided it seems. I sometimes take things as signs when I'm stuck trying to figure out what to do next. And sometimes they work and bring something new in my life, and other times they crash and burn harder than the last ^^;;

So I was sitting in my room, this was last Thursday I think. Just working on some fluff for a character for something else I do, he's a rather large character who doesn't talk a lot and tries to brute force any fights he gets into. I was taking a break from that and talking to a friend online. She's been helping me cope and get things done, also we came to a bit of an understanding regarding the hobby. If I can show progress by May 2018, then i will keep going with the miniature side of this, if not I will bow my head and simply drop out after half my life in this. I haven't acomplished much sadly in the hobby, and spending a good half a lifetime with nothing to show, you can see why she suggested this. 

After that conversation I just started going through the armies on the GW website, wondering what to start, what to try to do if this is going to be my last time. And I kid you not. I opened the curtains, and it was snowing heavily. Clearly destruction wouldn't let go of me that easily, and it gave me a sign on what to start up in the new year ;p

Went out to get my christmas presents (cause my family doesn't really understand AoS stuff), and now waiting for me in about 3 weeks time is an Icewind Assault set (may pick up the start collecting one too), and it will be my first venture back into AoS and trying to show that I can get stuff done and build up a force. Luckily, 1k isn't too many models when it comes to this army, so i have that going for me. But i am excited to start this. 

Heading out into the realms with the Everwinter at my back, can i stay ahead of it, or will it swallow me up and make me disappear ? 

I honestly look forward to finding out. I believe I've gotten a good way to start the beastclaw army, with pretty much everything to try out. Is there any tips on things I should buy extra for the army ? 

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