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  1. Hi all Its been a while since I've played this game (last time being with the fyreslayers way back). But my local store decided it wants to run a campaign that kicks off properly in a couple of weeks time, but is getting practice games in next week. While the deck building side is mainly going to be whatever cards i have at hand (minus the list of bans and restrictions), i'm not sure which warband to go with. The new settings of beastgrave have some keywords that i'm not quite sure of as well as some more mechanics. I have the rulebook, boards, tokens, and cards on route that will hopefully arrive before the games kick off. But as for the warband, i have a two choices right now. And i'm not sure what to go for. I would prefer to play the easier of the two, just so i can wrap my head around the game. Though knowing my luck I've probably picked two hard to play warbands. Anyways, the two warbands i have are Rippa's Snarlfangs, and Hrothgorn's Mantrappers. Any suggestions on which to play for a beginner ? Or have i critted myself in the foot? ^^;; Or if failing that, could someone suggest some of the easier beastgrave warbands to pick up and play. Thanks ^^
  2. I kind of quit out of the hobby a few month ago, just not being able to keep up or finish or do any projects. Past year i had been selling off bits and pieces, and a few months ago, just sold all my models off because it was just making me unhappy. I still like to read the articles, so after a rough day at work i came home to see displayed proudly, Feast of Bones. And honestly, i just started tearing up, becoming all smiles like a happy little kid again. Ogres were one of my favorite fantasy races, even if i stopped they were always something i would come back to with an idea in mind. And the rules i've read so far, i'm enjoying. They seem to thematically make sense, while being fun. I'm not a proper gamer, but a filthy casual 😜. But the hungry and eating rule made me smile. Just because it fits so well with their nature. While i'm hesitant to come back or to give it another go. I am going to be picking up the ogre half of the Feast of Bones as well as the battletome. Thanks Mawtribes, you came in like an unwanted guest, raided my fridge, and stole (ate) my heart XD
  3. Thanks for the suggestions all. I've decided to go with a Butcher, 6 Ogors, and 3 Ironguts. Its not exactly a meaty force, but i think its a good little starter. I had considered the ironblaster/scraplaucher, giants, and grots. I first decided which character i wanted (i was building the butcher up so that was an easy one), and went for the butcher. Then wanted a battleline, and since Ogors came in boxes of 6, that was sorted nicely. Though i juggled around the idea of what would be the last unit to go in. I figured an elite... well elite as you can get for an Ogor, and went for a minimum unit of Ironguts. Even though they come in boxes of 4 i thought that 3 would be fine. I'm lacking a big thing to stick in the army like a chunk of starter sets have, but considering this force is pushing 43 wounds for just 10 guys, i figured that might be overkill ^^;;
  4. Hi all I have a bit of an odd question for you with the Gutbusters. I'm slowly getting out of the hobby now (well over a decade and never really finishing up a project ^^;;), but i've decided to pick up a small lot of Gutbusters to just build and kitbash up. I went to my local GW over the weekend, and they told me they were doing a little build and paint campaign, and what you needed to start was a start collecting set, or the equivalent of one. So my question is. Lets just say for arguments sake that the Tyrant and Butcher models were plastic. What would be a good start collecting set for them ? In my head i've got a Tyrant, 6 Ogors, 3 Ironguts, and an Aleguzzlar. But i'm thinking that might be a bit too much for a start collecting set. Any ideas ?
  5. awesome looking army. i just ordered a small amount to get me started with a moulder force. i was torn between pestilens and moulder, but i went for my inner monster in the end and went for the hulking monstrosities. can't wait to see more from you in the future ^^
  6. I have the issue now of equipping my Hearthguard Berzerkers. I don't know what i will be fighting in future, so I'm just thinking of what looks better in general. The Broadaxe just looks natural in an army of axe hurlers, the axe is bigger than them but just the idea of a Fyreslayer with an even bigger axe just feels right. And the Poleaxes just look cool, Duardin with flaming flails, sounds weird but cool XD I'm making steady progress in the army as well. Its been a while since i've built and army with a decent model count so it's pretty slow going but its on its way. Got myself a Son, Master, 20 Vulkites, and 10 Hearthguard Berzerkers (minus the weapon option ^^;;) built up so far. Just now got to get 10 more Vulkites done and I've got my first 750pts of Fyreslayers built. Which is pretty exciting ^^ (Edit) After thinking on it for a little bit, I'm going to give them Broadaxes. No gaming reason to be honest, just because story narrative. The idea of a Son going out to form his own lodge, no fancy gear in his army, just axes, picks, and bigger axes. Plus i think it works nicely because i'm starting out with an army from scratch, and really enjoying it so far. So my first 750pts is going to look like this to start me out. Runeson (General) Battlesmith 20 Vulkite Berzerkers (Double Axe) 10 Vulkite Berzerkers (Pick and Shield) 10 Hearthguard Berzerkers (Broadaxe) Yeah, technically 10pts over. But for a couple of practice games i don't think people would mind too much. And if they do i will just switch out the Smith for either a Master or Grimwrath
  7. Well thanks for all the help to kick my own Lodge off. Though i'm no Runefather yet, just a beardling of a Runeson setting out into the realms ^^ From What i've read in the book and in the generals handbook, i did get the impression that the Vulkites were our mainstay unit, just with the extra save and variety of weapons. Plus that 1 extra attack over the Hearthguard berzerkers really comes in handy. So i will be running large units of them in most games i imagine. 20 - 30. Heathguard Berzerkers are the cleanup crew. Dealing with the heavily armored or tricky to take down foes. Though it seems their weapon loadout basically comes just down to personal preference. The Auric Hearthguard seem to be a bit of the same thing, problem shooters. Taking down or hurting something that's a potential threat at range before it or your Vulkites get stuck into it. Lastly... I really like all the characters in the book. All of them seem really useful. Back when i used to play warhammer fantasy, there was always just certain characters i would stay away from (either fluff reasons or money reasons), but all of the Fyreslayer ones i would happily use... Methinks i will probably buy another start collecting set in future just to have the full set of Magmadroth characters. And of course more Vulkites. I haven't played a lot of age of sigmar 2nd edition yet. But if i can get a chunk of what i've got built, i might be able to get in a game next week to get to grips with them and i will be sure to let you know how i get on. And yes Malios, i will be sure to bring a note book with me. Grudges are a think that must be settled after all >:3
  8. Hi all Boy I have some reservations about doing our mighty fire hearted kin with the new drop on gloomspite gitz coming in (i was a destruction player at heart ^^;;;). But i swore an oath (literally XD) to a friend that i would see this project through to the end. So i thought i would come here to ask about the fyreslayers in general since its been a good while on playing them last. So right now this is what i own 2 Magmadroth Kits Auric Runemaster Battlesmith Grimwrath Berzerker (on his way before the new year) 40 Vulkite Berzerkers (10 built double axe) 20 Hearthguard (5 built toward berzerkers) Yeah i kind of went a little overboard at christmas ^^;; I haven't played a game since june, july. Which might not be too long, but last army was beastclaw so you can see why i'm a little confused going from around 10 models to over 50 XD Is there any good 1000pts lists to start out with to get to grips with how the fyreslayers work ? Also i was going to aim to do the Lords of the lodge at 1500pts since i've got all the models for it. But i'm not sure when the best time is to take a warscroll battalion. Any helps on getting this young beardling runed up and off to the fight is much appreciated ^^
  9. ha, i've first got to be able to be stay awake. coming off of night shift and being thrown into day shift has really done a number on my body clock. though i shouldn't worry about getting cold. i've probably got the hottest army around XD
  10. Soooooo... well to make a long story short i've been in and out of this hobby a lot. Been through countless armies, building, selling off, buying something new. But never really painting up an army due to basically anxiety kicking in and making me feel like i have to make them look great and pressuring myself to get it done. Well i've had about half a year off. Bought the odd model and box here and there, little building. Then i recently played in a shadespire tournament at my local workshop.. didn't win, but i was first leading into the top 4 (in which i came forth XD), but i had a blast and did a little painting. And i wasn't as nervous. Now i must admit, the picture i will show in a little bit, is just a tad daunting, but i really like this faction, even if playing for the "good guys" is something i've not done before. Without further ado, this is what i have laid out before me ^^;;; (sorry for quality, couldn't find my camera ^^;;;) A little while back i made some coin flips. With a coin that had a moon and a sun on it. And i made a promise (or oath if you will) to a friend that i wouldn't buy anything or army stuff but that choice. As it so happens i landed on the fyreslayers. And just started enjoying the lore and the stories. So coming into 2019 this is what i have ^^;;; 2 Magmadroth Kits Auric Runemaster Battlesmith 40 Vulkite Berzerkers 20 Hearthguard (5 not pictured) And will be getting a Grimwrath in the new year. Just because they didn't have one in store. So yeah, little nervous i must admit. But i've got the models. Now i just need to get my lodge ready for war !
  11. a bit late to the party here, but i really like it too i've wanted to do one of the other lodges that has the non orange fire slayer hair going on. but was never sure how it would look (painting isn't something i usually do ^^;;;). but yours have turned out great. going to read up on my lodge fluffy and see which i like before i start my project ^^
  12. The Khorne troops wondering slowly why they are getting out done in combat by something that does not wear armour and fights harder than them I think being able to do inspiring presence when we can, and lacking in a command ability at low point games is going to be of great use. Just getting into charge range and turn 3 and stacking up command points. Getting that big charge off with the army, and the enemy finding out that no matter how many they kill, the army refuses to run. Also Verminous Valour and Look out sir! on a plague furnace sounds like a nightmare for the opponent to deal with. Just killing off skaven characters is hard to do. And every wasted shot is more minions to throw at them Oh quick question. Where are all these extra artifacts from the realms ? Could you direct me to the page number. I keep seeing people mentioning realm artifacts but i'm not sure what book they are in or where they are located. I think that's normally the problem when doing an army in general, the narrative and theme. I think in terms of going for Hysh the realm of light is a tricky one, just mostly because its so far out of the clans comfort zone. Maybes make them a group that was ousted by one of the rival clans, pushed through the gateway that was meant to send them to a place to die. They managed to do what the do best, dig deep, hide, plot and scheme for revenge against their clan rivals. As for colour scheme, why not keep it simple. Go for white robes on them, but agrax earthshade it down to make them a filthy white. Just shooting off some ideas ^^:;
  13. Well if i did start pestilens i doubt i would be hitting any tournaments since i was a pretty casual gamer back when ^^;; So my moving of models wouldn't be too problematic, it would just be nice to the opponent not to have them take a smoke break every time i start my movement phase XD The inspiring presence is really good. Going from making a unit immune only for the opponent to target a different unit was a pain. Now having them to split fire while we just choose which is more beneficial to use it on before the panic sets in, fantastic
  14. Well making the forces of order cry is always a treat. Teach them for being so order and shiny ! Is the reason we don't see these pure horde pestilens armies in bigger games, or allying in other factions simply because pestilens needs the support, or is it just daunting and time consuming to build, paint, then play the army ? In terms of armies, i find clan pestilens to be a pretty simple army to play. Literally kill kill the thing things, quick quick. The casualties will be high, but that's to be expected and is ok. There is a bit more strategy to it than that, but like beastclaw, its a rush and scare the opponent army. Simple armies like that i find are pretty enjoyable, yet not overly complicated or bogged down in so many special rules that half the game time is taken up by reading what your stuff does. Sadly since they came out and up to this point now, i've never seen a clan pestilens army being played at any of my local stores. Which is a shame. Skaven were one of the most iconic horde armies What was the army you were playing against out of curiousity ? But yeah, that furnace can do some nice damage when the rats decide to behave and listen to you. Glad to hear you having a good time without a wizard. Sounds like it was a fun game
  15. Hi all I've been out of the game for a good while now. Just looking through the books that i do own and... well its hard to stop grinning at the clan pestilens antics. So maybes at the end of the year i might try to kick of the new year with a tide of sick filthy rats. I spend a bit of time just watching and reading battle reports, keeping my distance from the hobby side (loooong story ^^;;;), but still checking up on things every so often just to see whats new and fun. I see a lot of people sticking in wizards into armies for the endless spells and dispelling enemy spells. But has anyone tried running the pestilens like a beastclaw army ? ... Yeah i might have to explain that one, my mind is a bit weird with the heat XD I mean along the lines of just skipping the wizard and focusing on what the army does best. In the pestilens case its just bodies to drown your opponent in while they pray to whatever deity that their magic and shooting can stem the tide. I've seen verminlords taken in 1000pts - 1500pts just for the magic safety and little attack buff. Fair enough at 2000pts when you've got your swarm going, but for the price of at least another 30 rats, is that worth it ? I see a lot of army lists come along the lines of safety and artillery, but as has been said here a few times, the plague monks themselves are pretty fearsome and it doesn't take a lot to get them going. Again I haven't played in a long while, but just looking and reading i'm wondering if anyone has tried the pure pestilens without the verminlord in 1000pt - 1500pt games. I expect some one sided losses, but i'm keen to hear the victorys through weight of numbers if any. Thanks for listening to my ramblings ^^;;
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