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Selling Aelf Wanderers/Wood Elves Army

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I am selling my Wood Elf army that I bought when I first started playing WHFB in 8th.

I've played a few games with them in AoS, but am trying to cut down on the amount of projects I have.


Wood Elf Army - £175 inc free P&P to UK

10 x Wild Riders
10 x Sisters of the Thorn/Wild Riders (unassembled riders)
32 x Glade Guard (10 still on sprue)
10 x Wardancers
7 x Waywatchers
3 x Warhawks (only 1 Rider)
1 x Waywatcher Lord
1 x Glade Lord on Stag
1 x Wood Elf Standard Bearer
1 x OOP Treeman
6 x Glade Riders (8 steeds)
1 x Spellweaver on Unicorn (kitbash)

Included is a huge amount of bitz and loads of sprues with spares for your use.

I'll happily ship abroad, and would even assist with paying part of the postage for an international buyer.




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