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Found 35 results

  1. Jyhnu

    Waywatchers 1.jpg

    © Hans LONE SANG

  2. Jyhnu

    Glade Guards 1.jpg

    © Hans LONE SANG

  3. Jyhnu

    Waywatcher Hero 2.jpg

    © Hans LONE SANG

  4. Jyhnu

    Waywatcher Hero 1.jpg

    © Hans LONE SANG

  5. Jyhnu

    Wardancers 3.jpg

    © Hans LONE SANG

  6. Jyhnu

    Wardancers 1.jpg

    © Hans LONE SANG

  7. Jyhnu


    © Hans LONE SANG

  8. Jyhnu

    Serindë 3.jpg

    © Hans LONE SANG

  9. Seadee

    And so it Begins

    I have been piecing together some units whilst playing Path of Glory at my LGS, so far so good, my spare skeletons seem to mesh well with the old Glade Guard models. I wanted a Necromancer and the Wayfinder just had that look about him, i removed his bow and quiver, fitted him with a spare banner pole that has been trimmed down and i will be adding some skulls and extra fetishes to complete the look. Blood Knights are being represented by Sisters of the Thorn with Wild Rider weapons and helmets, this gives them a decently armour look without losing the elfness. i managed to get a lucky bag on ebay which contained about 40 Glade guard and 6 glade riders (but no horses) the riders are perfect for making Black Knights in the same theme as my warriors and thankfully the glade guard had a hand full of swords so i have enough for 20 skeleton warriors with swords and boards. Lots more chopping to do, but hopefully i will have these put together and base coated soon enough!
  10. Is there a fan-made Path to Glory table for "Wood Elves" in the internet realm ? Couldn't find one... Thanks!
  11. Filius

    Why play Wanderers?

    First things first: One of the most precious types of threads over there at the Bolter and Chainsword are the "Why play Xyz"-Threads, imho (the "Why play Blood Angels" Thread is pretty epic). Collecting what people love about the faction, how they came to play them is highly motivating. So … I want to start that over here too, and of course I'll start myself. My ten (personal) Reasons for the Wanderers … 1. Beauty. The Minis are the most beautiful. And I don't mean, that they look cool. I also love Duardin, and Grots – they have great, cool Minis too. But the Minis of the Aelves and the Wanderers above all are really a feast for the eyes. They are just plain beautiful. And as I probably will be building and painting a lot of them an will be looking at them quite a while, I thinks it's a good Idea, to choose the most aesthetically appealing Faction, hehe. 2. Nomad rebuilders and humble Sinners. I like the Theme of the new Wanderers. Actually even more than the one of the Wood Elves of the World that was. They are still people of the Wild, but they don't have to be all from the Woods. The Theme of the Wanderers is open to many interpretations of nomads, hermits, aelves, pathfinders, rangers. At the same time, they have a mission: They are Rebuilders. I really, really like that: Connecting ley lines, laying Waystones – that's just a great basic narrative. Plus: I like that they are a kind of humble, repentant sinners, or at least have a kind of burdened legacy with the Sylvaneth and Ghyran. I like broken heroes. That really fit's greatly for me. 3. Shields, Spears, Archers and Cavalry, on Deers. Those are the things I am looking for in an fantasy army, pretty much exactly in that order. It really is the perfect match. 4. Heroines. I like mixed gender Armies. I just don't get, how all those male-only Factions can actually assume to win a war, when they ignore half of their population (except the Orruks and Grots, which are just male looking Fungi, if I am not mistaken). Anyhow: The Wanderers have two all-female signature units and almost all other Minis from the Range (except the Wild Riders) can be genderswapped easily, thanks to the lithe and lissom figure of the Aelves (and the Eternal Guard even have female Torsos, as I recognised to my suprise, when I opend my first box). 5. Floral Patterns and Tatoos. I just love (painting) decorative patterns (on minis), and especially floral or organic patterns. 6. The Name. I especially love the Name "Wanderers", for two reasons. First because it contains a reference to the poem "All that is gold does not glitter" And the second reason is, because it opens the former concept of the Wood Elves to the amazing and ultra-high fantasy setting of Age of Sigmar, it opens the faction to so many ideas and possibilities, on a narrative level. A wanderer is someone, who wanders. That's it. You don't have live in a wood, you don't even have to be an aelf (linguistically). The Wanderers roam through the Eight Realms on hidden paths. That is soo great. And by the way: Theres another faction from the World that was, that has gotten an name, which is hardly more than a verb – The Dispossessed. And that's not the only similarity between the two … just sayin. 7. Mixability with other Aelf and Order Factions. As mentionend befor, the chance to have a faction, that allows me to incorporate protagonists, heroes and units from other aelf and order factions is an opportunity I really like. I already ordered a Skycutter and will definetly add some Longbeards and Ironbreakers with Wanderers-Style. But even only having the whole range of aelves is a great thing, kitbashing-wise. 8. Buildings and Terain. With the current state of the Aelf Factions being quite undefined (from a narrative point of view), it's a great chance to use everything for terrain building that appeals to me. Especiall stuff like the  Elven Tower of Miniature Scenery is a great outlook to what's possible to build. 9. Realm Wanderers and Stalkers of the Hidden Paths. It's just one Trait (or two, depending on how you count), but it sounds like a lot fun. Can't wait to play that for the first time. 10. Legolas and Gimli. The friendship between the Legolas the Wood Elf and Gimli the Dwarf is one of the things I love most about the Lord of the Rings, maybe it's even the thin I love most about the book. It's so unlikely, and on the other hand so wholehearted. Being able to reforge that into an Warhammer Army is beyond great, at least to me … I'm sorry for that wall of text! I wrote most of that stuff down weeks ago, in order to compare different factions. And so I thought, that I could post it anyway. And now, I'm curios: What makes you (want to) play the Wanderers?
  12. Starting a thread to keep progress with my AoS/Hinterlands warband anecdote hopefully keep neck motivated to finish. The fluff i had in mind is as follows; The leader is a venerable glade lord and skilled hunter who travelled with a great army to the realm of shadow. His army got destroyed wiped in a mighty battle and he himself dies only to awake in a great forest. Driven mad by isolation he comes to the self realisation he has been reforged by Sigmar in order to defend this beautiful but seemingly rarely inhabited forest of the touch of chaos. He binds the creatures of the forest, wolf and hawk alike, to his will hunting down groups of chaos warriors and mercenaries and putting them to the sword. Except the creatures of the forest are not bound to him through the spirit of the forest but through his shared bloodlust for he is not reforged by Sigmar but touched by the same Soul Blight as the vampire that he thought had slew him. He wanders not in a grand forest hunting chaos, that is all in his troubled mind, in reality he haunts the ruins of an old cathedral in a barren wasteland where he fell, preying on travellers and pilgrims and feasting on their mortal souls aided in the slaughter by great carrion beasts. so in attempt to follow that kind of vibe I'm aiming to crest something's more like a macabre wood elf warband than one with a classic undead feel.
  13. I just did a two-day tournament (the Quebec City Open) and did really well. I tied for Best General, but lost the tie-breaker to the other guy who killed a bit more points than me. I also tied for Best Overall, but also lost that tie-breaker. I DID win Best Diorama for painting though! That was my Hurricanum conversion, which is still a WIP actually lol. I've been a Wood Elf player for about 14 years, and for the past few months I've been preparing my Wanderer-themed Mixed Order list. Here's what I ran: Allegiance: OrerCelestial Battlemage on Celestial Hurricanum (380)- General- Trait: Tenacious Annoited on Frostheart Phoenix (260)- Artefact: Phoenix Stone (lol)Battlemage (100) - Jade WizardLoremaster (100)Waywatcher Lord (100)Waywatcher Lord (100) 20 x Glade Guard (240) 10 x Skinks (60) 10 x Skinks (60)5 x Waywatchers (80)5 x Waywatchers (80) 3x Kurnoth Hunters (220) - Great Bows10 x Eternal Guard (80) 3 x Tree Kin (100)2 x Hunting Hounds (40)Total: 2000/2000 Drops: 15 General thoughts about the list and why I took what I did - Glade Guard are a great ranged hammer unit. By this point, many people are familiar with and scared of them. They are a fantastic battleline in a list with a Hurricanum. The two units of Skinks were chosen because they are dirt cheap and they fill multiple roles very well. They can be used to deny space (from teleports, or just as speedbumps), they can bubblewrap to buy more valuable units a turn, OR they can be used to swarm objectives. Often they can be used for multiple roles in a single turn. I scored TWO major victories almost entirely because of them. The Loremaster transforms the Frostheart from a tanky nuisance to an absolute monster in combat. The Hurricanum was chosen for the +1 to hit mostly, but also as a good source of ranged Mortal Wounds, and to give the +1 to cast on the Jade Wizard. That made proccing the bonus armor easier for the Frostheart. Waywatchers were taken because they scale in value better with the +1 to hit than most units. Tons of extra attacks! Kurnoths weren't my first choice, but I had them painted and they are tanky as hell, so I used them. Having a 35" threat range is vital because at 15 drops, opponents will almost always give me the first turn. This let's me potentially snipe something. Many people are used to them missing a lot, but with the Hurricanum that happens less. I was able to use them as a frontline/objective holder, but in the future I will probably take a Repeater Bolt Thrower. It has more range, is a good secondary target for the Loremaster, and outputs more ranged damage for less points. The 10 Eternal Guard are a cheap but fairly reliable wall. A unit of 20x often has a hard time getting in cover on tourny tables, but 10x had no problem. Even unsupported, they require much more than 80 points of the enemy army to uproot if they stand still in cover. Treekin are fantastic value. I took them because there are always spots of the battlefield where there isn't cover, so having a 12 wound 4+ save unit that can reliably occupy that space is good. They also do well in combat. On the charge in range of the Hurricanum, they are doing 9 attacks, 2+/3+ at 2 damage each. That's amazing for 100 points. The two Hunting Hounds were leftover points and they are just large enough to plug gaps in the line, and fast enough to snatch open objectives. Not a threat, but a nice flexible tool to have. Overall, the general positioning was Hurricanum in the center of the army, almost everything in range, and I advanced steadily on objectives. Skinks played safe and used their numbers to cap objectives. In two games I won because I retreated them from combat when I activated them, getting out of range of the unit that charged them WHILE still staying in range of the objective and controlling it. Against certain enemies (like Stormcast and Sylvaneth) I positioned them in places to deny teleporting or summoning Wildwoods. Most of the time I targeted units that were capable of scoring objectives. For example, against Sylvaneth, my first target was the unit of 30x Dryads. Then I generally used my Frostheart and Treekin to tie as many units up in combat as possible, while using Skinks to score objectives since they had the numbers at that point. Overall, my list was pretty reliable about controlling the game. I was able to lock units down and ignore them while wiping out other units entirely, allowing me to play objectives and score major victories. The strong shooting helped take out key units from certain enemy armies, and the durable melee was good enough at holding the line in most cases. The Hurricanum did less mortal wounds than I wanted most games BUT the +1 to hit can not be overstated. I almost always had all my important units in range of it and scored many hits that would have otherwise been misses. Later when I have more time I'll do a brief writeup recapping each of my games, and I'll go through my pictures to see if there's some good ones worth sharing!
  14. To placate a good friend who has been a long time, die-hard Wood Elf/Wanderer fanatic, I decided to attempt to create a customized warband for Shadespire. I'm still early into playing the game, and therefore development is a bit premature, but I thought it'd be good to reach out to the community and get some valuable feedback that could help the process. Any thoughts on the brainstorming below is much appreciated. Theory behind the warband: I noticed that the warbands thus far have focused on the basic rank-and-file rather than elite troops and heroes (e.g. Liberators, Bloodreavers, Ard Boyz, Skeleton Warriors). To me, it seems the Wanderers have two basic level troops in the Glade Guard and Eternal Guard. Eternal Guard just seem to fit much better. The Glade Guard with their long-range bows wouldn't work well with the scope of small arena skirmishes in my opinion. Like most Elves, the Wanderers should have good movement and be fairly skilled. Their weakness would be a relatively low damage output and toughness. The nice thing about the Eternal Guard is that they have some resilence and decent defensive capabilities which would could be represented quite well in Shadespire (e.g. Fortress of Boughs). 4 fighters seemed appropriate for this warband, as they would be more elite than Blood Reavers but less so than Stormcasts, a comparable level to Ironjaw Ard Boyz (though their stat layout is quite different). Even though Eternal Guard is a melee unit, they have spears which would give them access to range 2 attacks in Shadespire. This would result in a warband that likes to evade and engage from a distance, to chip away at the enemy in order mitigate losing its low-wound fighters to heavy hand-to-hand melee. I have attempted to design their warband specific deck to allow for tactical flexibility, allowing the Wanderers to either accentuate their movement, attacks, or defensive capabilities. With these things in mind, I designed 2 fighters armed with the eternal guard spear-staves. They have comparable stats but one has a shield and is more defensive, while the other has forgone the extra protection of a shield to allow for more fluidity in his attack. Since the Eternal Guard spear-staves are double-ended they would allow the one unburdened by a shield to spin the spear around in both hands which I have represented with an "all adjacent enemy fighters" attack. This dichotomy of defender and aggressor can be accentuated more depending on the upgrades you choose. The third fighter has either lost or forsaken his spear for the use of aelven daggers. This fighter has a range of 4 if he throws his daggers, but mediocre chances of hitting and does not cause more than 1 damage even when inspired. His attack is a little more reliable but still weak if he attacks up-close with his daggers in hand, which is a bit of a risk with him because he only has 2 wounds. He is the most acrobatic of the bunch and his upgrades play to his ability to move and position himself. The leader of the group is armed with a sword and shield. He has a very reliable attack (3 Hammers), and does more damage than the others in his warband (2 base, and 3 inspired). He however has to get in close to deal that damage, so you probably want to pick away at the enemy with the other aelves and use him to close in for the kill, or have him act as support for your other fighters when there is little chance of reprisal (use aelves' superior movement to isolate enemies or go after enemies that have already charged). He is definitely an important fighter but there is a risk in using him too aggressively as he is your only fighter that has no ranged attack and can therefore be easily left open to attack if he is always on the frontline. He probably beneifts the most from defensive upgrades. There are also a couple of cards in the deck I designed that make him a good support character for the rest of the warband (e.g. Fortress of Boughs, For the Everqueen!). Currently, every fighter levels up from rolling a CRITICAL during an Attack action, as a nod to their aelven finesse. Fighters: (Improvements are in bold under Inspired stats) 1A.) Orthos (Leader); armed w/sword and shield Mv5, 1Shield, 3Wnds; Attack: Rng1, Hm3, Dmg2; Action: May move up to 2 hexes and go on guard in same activation. This counts as a Move action (i.e. may not charge or move for the remainder of this action phase). 1B.) Orthos Inspired Mv5, 1 Shield, 3 Wnds; Attack: Rng1, Hm3, Dmg3; Action: May move up to 2 hexes and go on guard in same activation. This counts as a Move action (i.e. may not charge or move for the remainder of this action phase). 2A.) Maethon; armed w/spear-stave and shield Mv5, 1Shield, 3Wnds; Attack: Rng2, Hm1, Dmg1 2B.) Maethon Inspired Mv 5, 1 Shield, 3 Wnds; Attack: Rng2, Hm2, Dmg2; Action: May move up to 2 hexes and go on guard in same activation. This counts as a Move action (i.e. may not charge or move for the remainder of this action phase). 3A.) Fainor; armed w/spear-stave (bladed on both ends) Mv5, 1Dodge, 3Wnds; Attack 1: Rng2, Hm1, Dmg1; Attack 2: Rng1, Swrd2, Dmg1 (targets all adjacent enemy fighters) 3B.) Fainor Inspired Mv5, 1Dodge, 3Wnds; Attack 1: Rng2, Hm2, Dmg2; Attack 2: Rng1, Swrd3, Dmg1 (targets all adjacent enemy fighters) 4A.) Caleth; armed with throwing daggers Mv5, 1 Dodge, 2Wnds; Attack 1: Rng4, Swrd2, Dmg1; Attack 2: Rng1, Swrd3, Dmg1 4B.) Caleth Inspired Mv5, 2 Dodge, 2Wnds; Attack 1: Rng4, Swrd2, Dmg1 (cleaves on crit.); Attack 2: Rng1, Swrd3, Dmg2 Cards: Sound the Horn Objective 1 Glory-Score this immediately if 2 or more fighters become Inspired in the same action phase. Steel and Smoke Objective 1 Glory-Score this immediately if 2 or more fighters successfully defend enemy attacks in the same action phase. The Glorious Hunt Objective 1 Glory-Score this immediately if your warband has taken two or more fighters out of action in this phase. Shadow War Objective 1 Glory-Score this in an end phase if none of your survivng fighters are adjacent to an enemy fighter. Blades from the Dark Objective 2 Glory-Score this immediately if 2 or more enemy fighters have been taken out by attacks with a range of 2 or greater in the same action phase. Assailants Objective 2 Glory-Score this in an end phase if all of your surviving fighters are in your opponent's territory. (3/4P: in any of your enemies' territories) Valiant Command Objective 2 Glory-Score this in the third end phase if your leader has not been taken out of action. Dominate the Field Objective 3 Glory-Score this in an end phase if you hold 3 or more objectives. Ageless Guardians Objective 5 Glory-Score this in the third end phase if none of your fighters are out of action. Distraction Ploy Attacks in the next activation cannot be supported. For the Everqueen! Ploy Choose a friendly fighter adjacent to your leader and roll three dice. If at least one results in a CRITICAL the selected fighter becomes Inspired. Go to Cover Ploy During the next Attack activation, add 1 Support to the target's Defence roll for each adjacent blocked hex. Ensnare Ploy In the next Attack activation, any friendly fighters within 2 hexes of the target count as support. Flip Ploy One friendly fighter adjacent to an enemy fighter may be placed on an unoccupied hex adjacent to that same enemy fighter. Calculated Attack Ploy Re-roll 1 attack die during the next activation. Hit and Run Ploy Reaction: Play this after a friendly fighter performs an attack that is not part of a Charge action. You can push that fighter up to three hexes. Deflect Momentum Ploy Reaction: When a friendly fighter would normally be knocked back, this fighter may instead push to any adjacent hex. Unrelenting Pursuit Ploy Reaction: When an enemy fighter ends a Move or Charge action further away from an adjacent friendly fighter than it started, the same friendly fighter may immediately move up to 2 hexes along the same path as the departing enemy fighter. Between the Chinks Ploy The first Attack action in the next activation gains Cleave. Fatal Blow Upgrade +1 Damage to successful critical Attacks. Flock of Blades Upgrade (Caleth) Rng3, Swrd1, Dmg1 (may attack 3 visble enemies). Evade Upgrade (Caleth) When this fighter successfully defends an enemy attack, they may push to any adjacent hex of their choice. Leap Upgrade (Fainor, Caleth) During a move or charge action, this fighter may pass through one occupied hex. Conviction Upgrade (Fainor) +1 Attack Whirlwind of Death Upgrade (Fainor) During a Charge action, this fighter may perform an Attack action in one of the hexes it moves through rather than the hex it finishes its Charge action on. Full Thrust Upgrade (Maethon) When this fighter Charges an adjacent enemy fighter that was not adjacent at the start of the Charge activation, they may add 1 Damage to their attack. Shields Forward! Upgrade (Orthos, Maethon) +1 Defence Fortress of Boughs Upgrade (Orthos, Maethon) If this fighter enters Guard, all adjacent friendly fighters may also go on Guard. Parry Upgrade (Orthos) Rng1, Hm2, Dmg1 (Reaction: This fighter can make this Attack action against an adjacent enemy fighter who just failed an attack against it.)
  15. Considering selling my wanderers army. It's fully painted and all on round bases. Would cost about £260-270 to buy from gw (just for the models, not including bases etc). Open to sensible offers and UK based. Would prefer to sell UK and could deliver if in Yorkshire area or even to Warhammer world, otherwise buyer pays p+p. I've put below what's included and some pics. Let me know if you're interested, thanks guys.
  16. Fell Bates And Bat Swarm painted. Somehow i wasn't as convinced about how these came out. i think i could of gone blacker rather than grey on the feathers but that might of been too much. Swings and Roundabouts.
  17. Greetings! I am fairly new to warhammer and looking for advice concerning a mixed aelf list as well as the lore behind it. Some background; I've been interested in WHFB since I was 12 (I am now 23) but didn't get into the hobby because of financial issues and a mother stating "This hobby is not for girls". I got myself some goblins anyway and really enjoyed painting. Years later I purchased the Island of Blood set, painted some of them and read the whole rulebook which I thoroughly enjoyed, I love big rulebooks! I never got to play the game because of lack of friends but now (after 11 ****** years!) I've finally found someone as excited as I am about delving deeper into all aspects of the hobby. My new friend have never played the game for similar reasons as me, but he's got a ****** ton of miniatures and books so he gave me some of his wood elves. I've had trouble deciding which army to go for but with AoS I get a chance to mix some of them. I've always liked the elves and since I have IoB and was gifted some wood elves I was thinking I could put them together and potentially adding dark elves as well. This is the Order-elf stuff I have atm: Island of Blood elves 12 Wood Elf Dryads 8 Wood Elf Glade Riders. Apart from that I have the Storm of Sigmar box, just to freshen up my painting skills and get into the new rules. I also got the General's Handbook and once I get paid I'll buy the Grand Alliance: Order book and probably the Sylvaneth book as well. I plan to get some more elves but not sure which ones to get. I would like to start of with a 1000pts list, or maybe a 1500pts list to learn the game. I am mainly interested in playing with points and later moving on to larger point games. Another thing is that I want to get a hold of some material to get into the lore of all the elves so that I can combine them in a way that makes sense to their history. I'd prefer physical books rather than reading long texts online. Getting to know their lore will also help to plan the colour scheme for the miniatures. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could suggest me some basic reading material for the dark, high and wood elves and give some examples of which units works together. I'd love to use a ton of magic and sneaky ranged units, but some sort of "tank" unit would be nice, don't wanna be too squishy. Thanks in advance!
  18. So I've finished off the leader the Glade Lord turned Vampire, pretty happy with the results but there's things I'd of done differently. Tried roc stick to a limited palette but alter my usually muted style by pushing my highlights lighter and attempted to get a monotone finish. C&C welcome.
  19. Gwill_of_the_Woods

    Leg extensions

    Funny story, when I first bought this finecast model the legs snapped. I drilled holes in the legs and ankles, then used cut wire (paper clip) as a plug. This extended the legs by 1/2" each
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