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Rule of 1: 2 spells same name, different effect



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Not specifically to go against the grain but the name of the spell is what defines it as opposed to the effect it has otherwise you would have a situation where spells with varied effects dependant on wound states could arguably be used to circumvent the rule of 1 (lord of changes infernal gateway as an example). 


I believe this is why the name of tzeentch's firestorm was changed in the latest FAQ as it clashed with the herald on burning disk and caused a conflict with the rule.


Page 83 – Tzeentch’s Firestorm
Change the name of the spell to ‘Tzeentch’s Inferno.’

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I'm not sure one way or the other, but the Tomb Kings run into this problem with "Stone Shaping" as well — the Necrosphinx, Royal Warsphinx, and Khemrian Warsphinx all list it as a spell know by all Death Wizards, but each warscroll has a different wording (just the name of the model being healed — in each case, it heals the *sphinx in question by D3 wounds).

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