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Stormcast army + various AOS/40k for sale


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I have a stormcast army for sale which has the following: 

lord celestant on dracoth 

lord celestant 

lord castellant 

lord veritant 

2 x lord relictor 

20 liberators 

15 retributors 

5 protectors 

3 prosecutors 

6 vanguard raptors 

1 large gryph hound 

knight questor

battle tome 

all models are fully painted to a good tabletop standard and have textured bases. 

PM me for pictures and details. Open to offers for price. 

Also for sale are: 

 20 plague monks 

10 swift halk reavers 

swifthawk high warden

excelsior warpriest + gryph hound 

again all models painted to a good standard with textured  bases. 

I also have large dark angels, large blood ravens armies and some Astra militarum for sale. 


Pictures for everything are available on request. U.K. Based. 



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6 hours ago, BroccoliBoy said:

Can you let me know a price on and give me some pictures of the below? And are you UK based?

Stormcast battletome


Lord celestant

Lord castellant

Lord veritant

Plague monks 

I am U.K.  Based. 

I want to sell the SCEas an army rather than piecemeal but I am open to offers on anything else. 

3 hours ago, Haanz said:

Any price/photos of the Plague Monks?

Not the best photos I know but that's as good as I can get with my camera. 






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