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  1. I would play it as the bubble only extends around the tree Lord because the ability specifically states the tree Lord but I can see the argument the other way. If it hasn’t been faq’d try asking on the FB page.
  2. So you got the sprues to build Skarbrand as clearly shown on the GW site. I don’t get the issue here?
  3. Without knowing the points values of sylveneth units. Could it be a percentage of the army? E.G 2000 points you are able to summon 10% or 20% back? Let’s yiu pick different units and do it multiple times, but you can choose one mega unit or smaller units ect?
  4. One of the reasons I started playing AOS is that that I didn’t like 40k as a game. If the chargers always go first and I go, you go mechanics appear that may well mean I rapidly lose interest. They are two of the best mechanics for me.
  5. Or listened to people who said they were getting sick of waiting for so long on the reveals.
  6. 100% agree. Making a list is really hard and I haven’t come up with one that can squeeze everything I want into it. I really like that design though.
  7. If deepkin are inbound shortly then what pictures from the rumour mill do we think will fit them? I cant think of many off the top of my head. Anybody got a roundup of pictures that will fit?
  8. Tbh I think they are too big for the save the model gets. They look good and brutal enough and I like the work around but aren’t quite right for me. If you like them though then go for it!
  9. Thanks for the advice mate but I just wanted to confirm that you do get a medusa, slaughter queen and hag queen in the box? And the ability to construct a bloodwrack shrine and a cauldron all from one box?
  10. Can anybody tell me what can be built from the blood coven box? 10 witch aelves /sos hag queen on foot bloodwrack shrine/cauldron Medusa in shrine or on foot slaughter queen? Is that correct? I’m planning on getting two and magnetising then so I can field two cauldrons, two shrines, ect.
  11. - Melusai (x5) 40 € - khinerai (x5) 35 € ? cheers man.
  12. Do we have any prices for the snake ladies in £ yet?
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