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Monstrous Hordes Battletome (wip)


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Hi all, been working on this now for about a week on and off. I still have lots and lots to do, refine and sift through the typos and grammar here and there. I also need to finish up a fair few warscrolls, may get into doing a matched play section eventually.

The idea stems from my current project and is an extension of sorts from Throgg's old Monstrous Horde, was initially going to make it only a Troll based army but I've decided to make it a bit more open with options of different army builds that feeds from the main chaos battletome. Need to tinker on the idea of how allegiances will work with the addition of how other units that can be mixed and matched to create army abilities. At the moment it's just a hodgepodge of background and art,which will make sense eventually. 


Let me know what you think so far, tips, advice critique etc to make it better. 

Monsters of Chaos.pdf

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