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[KO] Where there's war, there's gold



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I think yes, as it's stated the requirement (3") before it's states 'can attack' 'or shoot'.   

I also think this is backed up as 'Who Stikes First, Strikes Hardest' footnote also offers the attack option but does not state the 3" requirement.  

Indeed you don't need to state the 3" requirement if talking about pile-in only as the pile-in move can only be done if you are within 3" anyway. 

If you ignore the within 3" part of the text you also are cutting out the 'can' so it reads as 'one of your units, or shoot..' which does not make sense. 

At least this is how I read it. 

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Yeah, the first comma after the initial phrase is what confuses me. It doesn't have it on spanish so it's easier to understand it as requiring of 3".

To your point about 3" being irrelevant. They actually FAQed the Aspiring deathbringer ability to be explicit about only being able to activate it at 3", same for the tithe khorne power that allows you to pile in and attack again, so i don't think its as redundant as you might think.

I am asking for a friend, since we were both playing yesterday, and as usual, we went for the most restrictive rule interpretation (like we do by default), but we found it vague enough to be worth of asking out.

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