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Windy Realms Sept 2017 Tournament - Sept 23 (Roselle, Illinois)


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Grognard Games - One Day Age of Sigmar Tournament

Windy Realm event for September! First event with GHB2017! Get excited!

Please know the new rules and FAQs for your army! I know the rules are new but to make the event go quickly, make sure you're aware of any changes to points, allegiances, or FAQs. You can find the latest FAQs/Erratas on the app, or online here:


2000 Points Matched Play
3 Rounds
Standard restrictions apply.

No painting requirement, but paint scores may be brought in as prizes or tiebreakers.
Models must be WYSIWYG: weapon options, musicians, leaders, etc.
$10 entry fee, used for prize support and store support

Tentative Schedule:
10:00 Registration
10:30 Round 1 Starts
1:00 Lunch
1:30 Round 2
3:30 Round 3

More information can be found here.

Additional Facebook invite can be found here.

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