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Query Regarding Pitched Battle/Allegiance Rules - New Player


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Hello and good afternoon all.

I am currently in the process of building a small wood elves force for Age Of Sigmar, and I also have some of the tree units, from a start collecting box.

In terms of the latest generals handbook, if I wanted to take say a mixture of "Wanderes" units alongside " Sylvaneth" units, would they have to be part of a "Order" allegiance to gain any benefits?.

I was also slightly confused by the allies section, if I took say 800 pts worth of Sylvaneth, and then 200 pts worth of Wanderes, do they all count as one allegiance or?, If someone could explain how this works that be great.

Just generally looking for the best way to run a old school wood elves army.  

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So you can mix in Wanderers and Sylvaneth and have an Order Allegiance, this gives you access to the Order Allegiance abilities in the Generals Handbook. This also means you can mix in the Wood Elves compendium units too like the Warhawks, Forest Dragon etc.

Or you can have a Wanderers Allegiance (gaining access to the Wanderers allegiance abilities) and take up to 400pts of Sylvaneth in a 2000 point army (But the Sylvaneth do not benefit from the Wanderers allegiance abilities). Unfortunately you can't take Sylvaneth allegiance and have Wanderers as allies as they haven't got Wanderers on their ally list. 

Hope that helps.

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