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Hi all!

I am relatively new back to the hobby and have a taste for tournaments after playing in 2 recently and finishing 4th in both - I will be attending more over the next few months. I am playing mainly AoS, some BloodBowl and will be dipping back into 40k!

I started war gaming over 20 years ago with 40k, and played 2nd and 3rd edition, GorkaMorka, Necromunda, Epic, Battlefleet Gothic, BloodBowl before stopping completely around the age of 15-16. I started up again last year with a friend and then joined the Newcastle Warlords early this year

I am a member of the Newcastle Warlords, and also a regular at Battle Bunker in Sunderland- a great gaming venue with 18 top quality tables! I am currently playing a mixed chaos list with a mixture of Skaven and Khorne

I am going to the following events and be great to meet some of you!

- Border War doubles event August 5th

-A Gathering of Might



Happy gaming




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