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Map Campaign: The Fallen Lands (alpha version)


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Hello Folks, 

I just recently signed up in this forum but was reading a lot of interesting stuff here for longer.
I'm one of those guys playing fantasy in "the good old days" (read: when I was in school and had plenty of time) and came back to GW games about half a year ago, immediately getting sucked back into it by the simplicity of AoS. That said, I really like the rules mechanics of this game, but I miss the somewhat "greater" picture when playing games. It feels like just a series of unrelated "let's clash our armies" games.

This is the main reason behind what I want to share with you. I am working on a map based campaign that allows to put the games played in a greater context, but without requiring too much of pain to track all the progress.

Right now I got a ruleset that is halfway finished. The core of my idea is fleshed out and I'm working on the actual map and the "artwork" (but I am by no way a proper designer, so it's more like collection graphics with proper license). 

I am posting this already in this state as I'd like to hear some feedback from you. What do you think about my rules? Do you feel they are ok in their complexity? Do you like the idea of my rules or do you disagree with them? Are there things you feel that are too strong/weak/dumb/whatever?

I'm completely open to your feedback and would love to put the campaign up here once properly finished.
In case any one is really interested, my files are in a git repository (tex files at the moment, but can place the Affinity Designer files there as well) so feel invited to join this. After all, if this really seems interesting to you, the end result should be open sourced for anyone to access.


Thanks for reading so far, happy wargaming!



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