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Open Play Battleplan Cards 1.0.0

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About This File

The Open Play battleplan generator, found in the Core Book 3.0, is the best format for pick-up games.
Many Deployment formats, Twists and different Victory conditions to challenge different army list strategies. There is even one Victory condition that involves a mysterious Objective (the Arcane Prize) in the center, that has to picked up by a unit but you never know what it is going to be! It could be trapped, it could be a warding icon, it could give off an arcane aura bonus!
What's better than battleplan generator tables? Why, those tables in card format!
Here is a set of cards with all the AoS 3.0 Open Play battleplan tables to print out.
Using a professional printing service, in cardstock, yields best results.
It's become very useful at our local gaming shop!!
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