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Success! A New Blog!





Hey everyone!


I'm so used to doing everything on my phone nowadays and earlier on today I couldn't see how to make a new blog... until I went on here through my laptop! Typical lol.


So I had been spending most of my day jazzing up a new one on wordpress, before I found the area on this website to do so haha.



I'm not sure what to do now, whether keep it or just have this blog on here..

What would your opinions be?


Anyway, I have just posted up a few pictures of my completed Chaos Chariot, in the TGA gallery, which I'm really happy about.

It was difficult to paint (firstly I was an idiot and glued the horses side by side and on the base, so painting was fun in those hard to reach areas O.o), then the rest worked out easier luckily.


I'm not a huge fan of normal 'gold' colours as I find they tend to look rather dark and too brown, I'm odd and prefer more of a 'melted gold' animated colour. The same with most metals funnily enough. I think they look much more eye catching.


I tried not to give the two guys too much detail as I wanted the focus to be on the horses and chariot itself, but still striking, hence the bold colours, something to make them look menacing and powerful.

I will probably attempt bravery at some point in the future and add a bit more depth to them, maybe make it all look slightly more subtle, but I'll see, don't want to ruin it and at the moment, I'm quite chuffed with myself.


Technically my first finished model for Age of Sigmar.. Next I have my Chaos Warriors to complete, mainly it's the details on their swords. (My Chaos Warriors are more like my pawns, there's also twelve.. I also wouldn't mind having some extra units haha, which all boils down to experimenting on a colour scheme which I can put into play as soon as and get my models looking pretty good for battle. My special characters, like my Standard Bearer etc. will have much more care into them :) it's my way of trying to balance and time, as I have a bad habit of stagnating (also wanting it PERFECT) on one particular model for awhile.


Anyhow, I think for the moment I may leave my wordpress blog, and think about what I want to do with it (now I have this one up and running, which is what I preferred).


Any ideas would be awesome :)


Here's my Chaos Chariot....


Toña x


ChaosChariotMay16 (1).JPG

ChaosChariotMay16 (2).JPG

ChaosChariotMay16 (3).JPG

ChaosChariotMay16 (4).JPG


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